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Chapter 1- A Clockwork World
The bright sun beamed over the streets of Akihabara. Posters of anime characters decorated the buildings. The smell of crepes drifted across the air. Buses drove down the road with idol posters on the side and music blurting out. Standing outside Akihabara station was a young, baby faced 158 cm tall cute Japanese girl with flawless pale skin, pure white hair with loosed curls which reached her waist, a full fringe covered her forehead. Her makeup consisted of pale pink eye-shadow with a thin layer of black eyeliner along the top of her eyes and liquid white eyeliner was along the bottom of her eyes. Her right eye was purple while her left was pink. Her outfit consisted of a short sleeved pink and white seifuku, pastel pink and white stripped over the knee socks and pink short sneakers.Her hair was tied up into hair twin tails. A pair of white cat ears was on her head. A BTSSB bunny bear bag was on her back. A pair of pink swimmer headphones covered in candy prints covered her ears, quietly playing a Kpop song, the wire going into the pocket of her skirt, while she was opening a pale green Gachapon capsule. "Kuro-" a voice called from right behind her, causing her to jump. She quickly pulled the headphones down around her neck. Standing next to her was a 162 cm tall Japanese girl with short brown hair tied up in a side pony tail with a side fringe and part of her bangs hanging down at the side. Her outfit consisted of a simple pair of denim shorts, a pale blue thin long sleeved Liz Lisa top, short white laced socks reaching her ankles and black creepers. "Maeda!" Kuro beamed, hugging her best friend. Her voice had a sweet tone giving a cute feel to her voice. "Another Gachapon?" Maeda asked, noticing the capsule. "Yep," Kuro nodded, pulling out the Love Live Nico badge which was inside. Maeda smiled as she swung her Totoro shaped backpack over her shoulder. "Your uniform and other bag are going to be covered if you keep buying Gachapon every day," Maeda reminded. "But they're only 200 yen," Kuro smiled, clipping the badge onto the center of the bow hanging down on her seifuku. Kuro held her arms out at the side slightly as she walked along the line painted in the path. A small paper lantern looking spirit with legs and and eye in the center jumped out of the tree before running past Kuro and Maeda, glancing up at Kuro. "The spirits have been acting more weird lately," Kuro mumbled. "You can still see them?" Maeda asked, watching Kuro nod.On the fifth floor of the eight story Donki Hote shopping building, was a maid cafe.The outfits of the maids consisted of a short puffy maid styled dress with an pinafore covering most of the dress which had bows on-top of the pockets. A large bow was on the back. "Morning," a tall Japanese girl dressed in the maid uniform, with shoulder length straight black hair ,greeted as Kuro and Maeda walked out of the changing rooms both wearing a maids uniform. "Good morning," Kuro smiled. "Morning Kiki," Maeda yawned, placing a pair of cat ears on her head. "Did you stay up all night playing video games?" Kiki guessed. "Maybe," Maeda responded. The electric front doors opened. "Ah, Sayomi-san, its your turn," Kiki added. "Okay," Kuro beamed before going over to the door two English girls walked into the cafe. "Welcome back," Kuro smiled in English, making a 'v' sign. "Is there two in your party?" Kuro asked. "Yeah," the brown haired girl nodded. "If you follow me, I'll show you to your table," Kuro smiled. "Woah, your good at English," the blonde girl expressed as her and the brown haired girl followed Kuro to one of the tables. "Thank you," Kuro smiled, bowing her head slightly. Kuro handed both of them a menu. "Ring the bell when you've decided," Kuro smiled, bowing her head slightly. Eight hours later Kuro's shift finished. "Be-careful on your way home," Kiki called out as Kuro was leaving. "Okay," Kuro nodded, making an 'ok' with her left hand before skipping to the escalators going down to the floor underneath them. A variety of strange looking Obake such as cat-like ghosts were around Akiba station. The sound of a train pulling in echoed from platform 15. "The train!" Kuro panicked, quickly running up the stairs. "Just made it," she smiled, quickly jumping up the step leading to the train. All the seats were taken however there was only a few people standing up. Kuro leaned against the banister, pulling her mint and pink Swimmer Candy headphones over her ears. Kpop started to lightly play as she looked out the moving trains window. Standing opposite her was a tall Chinese man with short black hair with dark red highlights. He glanced up at her before grinning. Once the train got to Tokyo station, a huge crowd of people got on the train. As the train jolted forwards, she bumped into the boy standing behind her. "Sorry," she panicked. The faint scent of peaches drifted through the air. The boy turned around, reveling him to be a cute 175 cm tall Korean boy with short black hair and dark grey eyes.
He stared deeply into her eyes which caused her face to blush as she looked away. "Can you see the thing next to you?" he asked. His voice was a mixture of manly and cute. Kuro glanced up to see the small floating Raccoon spirit. She nodded,blankly looking back up at him. "Your the..." he started before the lights suddenly turned of as the train stopped, knocking Kuro forwards. The boy quickly wrapped his arm around her stomach, to stop her from falling. THUD. "Crap..." the boy moaned, opening his eyes to realize he had fallen as well, landing with Kuro in-between his legs with her back against his chest. Light flashed from the boys phone as he got it out of his pocket. Kuro blushed as soon as she realized how close they were. The rest of the train cart was empty. "W-Where is everyone?" Kuro panicked. "We're inside a phantom train, a demon's involved," the boy guessed. "A demon?" Kuro repeated. "Ah right, I'm Park Jimin, an Ace," he introduced. "Sayomi Kuro, whats an Ace?" Kuro blushed. "We're meant to protect the Shinigami Princess," Jimin informed, lightly poking Kuro's nose. "Shinigami Princess?" Kuro mumbled. "Since your here that means your her, I'm only still here since i'm an Ace," he nodded, looking around. Kuro's face turned bright red as she quickly stood up, holding her hand out towards Jimin who used it to pull himself up of the ground. A high pitched sound suddenly bounced of the walls. Jimin rushed forwards, wrapping his hands over Kuro's ears as he flinched. After a couple of seconds, the sound stopped. "A-Are you okay?" Kuro cried, looking up at him. "I'm okay, don't worry about me," he nodded, patting her on the head. "I'm a Shinigami?" Kuro mumbled, looking down at the ground. "Kuro, don't worry. You don't need to collect souls or anything like that," Jimin reasured. "Y-You used my first name," Kuro blushed, glancing up at him. "Of course, we're friends, right? Call me Jimin," he nodded. "O-Okay," she blushed. "We need to get out of here," Jimin sighed, using his phone to look at the buttons on the door. Shadows creep-ed up behind them. "My-My, the Ace of Stars crept in with the Moon rabbit," a male voice called behind them, making them jump. Jimin quickly pulled Kuro behind him as he turned around. The Chinese man from before stood in-front of them. "Good day, Moon rabbit," he snickered, placing his hand on his stomach as he bowed slightly. Kuro glanced up at Jimin who increased his grip on her arm. "I couldn't help but hear that you only just found out who you are, Sayomi," the man added. "That has nothing to do with you," Jimin responded. "On the contrary, that makes killing you even more easy," he grinned, looking straight at Kuro. Jimin held his right hand out to the side. White paper suddenly shot out of his hand, turning into a Glock 17 gun. "Kuro, stay behind me," Jimin ordered. Chains shot out from the shadows of the train, knocking the phone out of Jimin's phone and turned it upside down, turning of the light. At the same time, a chain shot past Kuro, scratching her arm. Blood rolled down, landing on the floor. "Your useless in the dark," the demon added. Chains shot out, wrapping around Jimin, pulling him to the floor. "Jimin!" Kuro panicked, stepping forwards. "Don't worry about me," Jimin responded, trying to escape the chains. A clinging sound happened from above them. The pace of the demon's breathing increased as the slot in the roof suddenly opened, letting light into the train. There was a faint scent of watermelon. A good looking 181 cm tall Korean boy with blonde hair and cherry red eyes jumped down.
"I'm Kim Namjoon, call me Rap Monster," he introduced. "Great, another Ace," the demon moaned. "You got no jams" Rapmon sighed. "Rap monster, protect Kuro, I'll deal with the demon," Jimin ordered, pulling away from the chains.. Chains shot out towards them. Rapmon quickly grabbed Kuro's hand before jumping onto the seats, dodging the chains. As he held out his hand towards the demon, small electric strikes appeared around his fingers. "Kuro, will you be okay if I go help Jimin?" Rapmon asked, watching get knocked over by the chains. "Isn't there something I can do to help?" Kuro asked. "It's okay," he added before running over to Jimin who was firing bullets at the demon who was blocking them with his chains. One of the bullets suddenly went of course. "Kuro, watch out!" Jimin shouted. Kuro quickly crouched down, covering her head as the bullet went through the blacked out window. "Did you get hurt?" a male voice asked as a shadow blocked out her light. Looking up, she saw a good-looking 176 cm tall Korean boy with bright red hair and dark red eyes. A faint scent of Vanilla drifted through the air.
"I'm okay," she nodded. "Kuro, I'm Min Yoongi, call me Suga," he smiled. "Why does everyone keep using my first name?" she blushed, standing up. Suga smirked as he patted her on the head before turning around. "Why don't we put on a little show?" Suga grinned, holding out his hand. Red sparkles flew to the side as a flame appeared above his hand. "Look after Kuro," he added, rushing forwards. "Got it," a 178 cm tall Korean flower boy with bright orange hair and golden eyes nodded. The scent of roses drifted through the air.
"I'm Kim Taehyung, most people call me V," he introduced. Another gunshot echoed through the air, causing Kuro to flinch. "Don't worry," V reasured, patting her on the head. As she looked up at him, he smiled. The scent of coffee drifted away from the 177 cm tall Korean flower boy with short dark purple hair an dark purple eyes jumped down from the top of the train.
"I'm Jeon Jungkook," he smiled, holding out his hand as a black feather appeared before shooting up into the air, splitting into three before flying over to the demon who dodged. "I need to help," Kuro mumbled. "Don't worry about it," V added, ruffling her hair before rushing forwards, A sig pro automatic gun appearing in his hand. Strawberry vines grew out of the ground around the demon, tying him up. The scent of chocolate drifted through the air as someone patted Kuro's head from behind her. "Are you okay?" a male voice asked. Looking up, she saw a 179 cm good-looking Korean boy with short brown hair and dark green eyes.
Kuro nodded, her face slightly blushing. "I'm Kim Seokjin, call me Jin," he brightly smiled. The scent of green tea drifted in the air as a 177 cm tall good-looking Korean boy with short black hair and dark blue eyes jumped down next to Jin.
"I'm Jung Hoseok, but friends call me J-hope, s-so call me that," he flushed. "I'm Sayomi Kuro," Kuro blushed, pressing her index fingers against each other. "Cute," J-hope smiled, patting her on the head which caused her to blush even more. "W-Why is he trying to kill us?" Kuro mumbled, feeling awkward. "Not us, you," Jin corrected. "Eh? Why me?" Kuro cried. Chains suddenly shot out of the ground around all the boys, wrapping around them before pulling them to the bottom of the ground. The demon grinned as chains shot up around him before zooming towards Rapmon and Jimin. Kuro quickly jumped of the train seat, standing in-front of them. "Yah, Kuro, get out of here," Rapmon complained, opening his eyes. "I won't let you get hurt," Kuro mumbled, not turning around."I would be able to survive, so move," Rapmon ordered. "And I'm a Chinese hoping zombie, I'll be okay, just please move," Jimin begged. "I can't move to shoot him," V commented, his hand shaking which caused him to drop the gun in his hand. The demon grinned, stepping forwards. Kuro flinched slightly but didn't move. "You're a strange Shinigami.You could of got a gun and shot me before I could of attacked the guys but you didn't," the demon observed. "I didn't choose to be a Shinigami and I don't have to choose to kill you," Kuro mumbled. The demon grinned as he kicked Kuro down to the ground, in-front of Jimin. "Stay away from her!" J-hope demanded."It would be a shame to kill such a cute girl but can't be helped," he coldly added, kicking her in the stomach which caused her to be kicked to the side before the chains shot towards Rapmon. Kuro quickly sat up, wrapping her arms around Rapmon and knocking him down, causing the chains to barely miss him. "Crap, Kuro," Rapmon commented, trying to pull away from the chains tying him. The demon suddenly grabbed her arm, pulling her up over Rapmon. "Wouldn't that be full of despair ,to watch your precious Moon-Rabbit die right in-front of you," the demon teased. "If hurt her..." Jin started. "You'll what?" the demon interrupted, pulling Kuro closer to him as his hands moved up from her waist. "Stop," Kuro cried, lightly shaking. A piece of paper suddenly shot passed the demon's hand, making a cut which stopped him from moving. "And now I'm bleeding," he sighed. Kuro quickly stood on his foot which made him let go of her which caused her to fall forwards, landing on the floor. The demon kicked the top of her back, knocking her forwards. "Why did you stop the fun? There's a lot more things we can do for fun," the demon grinned, pressing his foot down more on her back, causing her to flinch. "Kuro!" Jungkook shouted. A pink wave of light suddenly shot out, knocking the demon backwards."Hey, you okay?" Suga called out. Kuro weakly nodded as she stood up, her legs shaking. Kuro quickly drew a crescent moon out of pale pink glow in the air in-front of her. A crescent moon shaped beam shot out as glowing cherry blossom petals fell behind her. lowing pumpkin shaped glows formed behind her, morphing together and turning into a scythe. Small glows shaped like crescent moons formed in the center of her eyes. Slightly shaking, Kuro slammed the end of the scythe on the ground, knocking the cherry blossoms to the side. A barrier of glowing beams shaped like pumpkins and crescent moons shot out, knocking the demon backwards. Jungkook clicked his fingers, causing black feathers to appear around Suga, destroying the chains around him. Suga glanced over at Jungkook who had blood rolling from his mouth and nose. He nodded at Suga who quickly knelled up, summoning a gun. BANG. As soon as the bullet hit the demon, he turned into a joker card. The chains suddenly disappeared. As she fell forwards, J-hope wrapped his arm around her stomach from behind her, stopping her from falling. "Are you okay?" he panicked. "It hurts slightly, that's all," Kuro mumbled, glancing up at Jungkook who wiped the blood away before smiling. J-hope helped her stand up, wrapping his arm around her shoulder to keep her up. "Why the hell did you do that?" Rapmon shouted, walking in-front of her. "I didn't want you to get hurt," Kuro cried. "Jeez, the type of things he was going to do to you..." Rapmon argued, stopping when he noticed the tears in the corner of her eyes. "I was worried about you," he said in a softer tone. "You were worried about me?" Kuro muffled, looking up at him. "Of course, we all were," Jimin responded, stretching his arms. "You could of been seriously hurt if he just had attacked you with his chains rather then kicking you," Jin reminded, helping V stand up. A red flash filled the air as the train went back to normal with everyone else inside. "Approaching Ebisu station," the voice on the intercom announced."Let's get out here," Jin added, stepping forwards. A minute later the train pulled up at the station. Rapmon grabbed Kuro's hand before stepping of the train. "R-Rapmon?" Kuro blushed. "That's a cute nickname," Rapmon grinned. "Yeah, Rap monster, why are you holding her hand?" Jungkook asked, turning around from his conversation with J-hope and Suga. "Don't want to get lost in the station," Rapmon responded, glancing at Kuro who was blushing before looking straight ahead. "It's awkward," Kuro mumbled. "Pervert, let her go," Jin added. Rapmon sighed as he moved his hand away from her. Kuro started to nervously play with the straps on her bag. Suddenly, she tripped on the step on the ground, falling into Jimin's back. "S-Sorry!" she blushed. "You fall on me alot," Jimin smiled, turning around. "That was only the third time," Kuro blushed. "Third?" Jin repeated. "Yeah I realized who she was when she fell into my back on the busy train just before it happened," Jimin nodded. "I'm really sorry about that!" Kuro blushed. "You enjoyed that, didn't you?" Suga guessed. Jimin nodded, doing a thumps up. "Pervert," Kuro mumbled. Jimin smiled, lightly pinching her checks. "He makes me want to beat him up," Rapmon sighed as he walked next to Jin. "Your more protective over her then we are," Jin observed. "Your all still pretty protective over her, V almost cut his skin when he tried to force his way out of the chains to save her," Rapmon added. "You noticed?" V commented from in-front of them. "You got hurt?" Kuro mumbled from behind them, making them jump as they quickly turned around. V noticed the tears forming in the corner of her eyes. "K-Kuro, don't worry," he panicked, placing his hands on her shoulders. "You got hurt trying to help me," Kuro mumbled, looking down. "We could say the same to you," Jimin interrupted. "He's right, you got all the bruises from acting as our shield," Rapmon agreed. "That's because I don't want any of you to get hurt," Kuro muffled through her hand as she tried to stop the tears that was rolling down her checks. V pulled Kuro up against him so her head was against his chest. Rapmon's hand went into a fist. "No one can see you crying like this," V added, leaning his head on-top of Kuro's. Suga lightly patted Kuro's back. After a couple of minutes she pulled away from V. "Are you okay?" J-hope asked. Kuro nodded, wiping the corner of her eyes. "Jeez, your makeup is smudged," Rapmon sighed, using the end of his sleeve to wipe away her smudged makeup."Really protective," J-hope added. "Shut up," Rapmon complained, looking down into Kuro's eyes. "A-Anyway, your eyes are pretty," he commented, trying to change the subject. Kuro's checks blushed as she looked away. "Most people don't notice they're not contacts," Kuro mumbled. "I guess that makes it easier to believe your a Shinigami," Suga observed. "And your hair," Jungkook nodded, playing with a strand of Kuro's hair. "What happened to everyone else when we were on the phantom train?" Kuro mumbled. "The train's were split apart, they stayed on the train like normal while you and Jimin were put on a train in a different dimension, so to speak," Suga explained, taking of his grey hooded Totoro jacket and wrapping it around her shoulders. "The blood and bruises on your arms are noticeable," he added. "Thank you," she nodded, putting her arms in his jacket with his help. "It's really baggy on you but it looks cute," he smiled. Kuro lightly held onto the edge of the sleeves as she swayed to the side slightly. "Really?" she smiled, looking up at him. "The moe in you is too strong, its affecting with my swag," Suga laughed, patting her on the head. Kuro giggled as she nodded. "It smells like vanilla," she mumbled. "That's my natural scent, like yours is strawberries," he flushed. "If you ask me, the fact that we're the only Youkai with strange scents is weird," V sighed. "It gives us away to other youkai," Jin sighed. "Your lucky today was your first attack," J-hope added, turning around and walking backwards so he could look at Kuro. "All the spirits have been acting weird for the past week," Kuro added. "What were they like before?" J-hope wondered. "Sometimes they talk to me but usually they don't really react," Kuro mumbled. "Hey, guys, there's a cafe just around the corner, how about we sit down, eat and talk there," V called out. "Eating will give you more strength," Suga added, wrapping his arm around Kuro's shoulder since he could tell she was struggling with walking. "I think I have enough money," Kuro nodded. "I'll pay for your food," Jungkook quickly volunteered. "It's okay, I can pay for myself," Kuro blushed. "Nope, not while we're around," Jungkook grinned, skipping forwards, after J-hope. A small restaurant stood in-front of them.The woman guided them over to a large table that fitted eight people. Suga sat at the end, next to the window with Rapmon opposite. Next to Rapmon was Jimin with Jin next to him and V opposite with Kuro next to him with Jungkook opposite. J-hope was sitting at the end of the row. "Your 16?" Suga panicked as he stopped drinking his lemonade. "Till June," Kuro nodded. "I'm 22," he sighed, ruffling his hand through the back of his hair. "I'm 22 as well," Jin commented. "20," J-hope and Rap Monster sighed in unison. "19," V and Jimin added."I'm 17," Jungkook added. "A five year age gap," Suga sighed. "I'm always the youngest, even at the cafe I work at," Kuro added. "Your working instead of high school?" Jin asked. Kuro nodded as she pointed to her eyes. "They're sensitive so I couldn't wear brown contacts to cover them up," she added. "You were bullied?" J-hope guessed. Kuro nodded as she took a bite out of one of the omelet rolls on the plate in-front of her. "Sorry, people tried to bully us but we just went violent on them," Jungkook admitted. "Violent?" Kuro mumbled. "Since we were trained to fight, we didn't want to hold back and let bullies control us," Suga admitted. "Did you really have to admit we're delinquents?" Jimin complained. "Yeah, that feel isn't right for me," Jungkook added. "Coming from you, you might of changed your passport to Japanese but still your 17 and can be in your last year of high school," Jin reminded. "You changed your passports to Japanese?" Kuro asked. "Yeah, and plus now we don't have to do our service," J-hope nodded. "We're still stuck with SDC," Rapmon reminded. "SDC?" Kuro repeated. "Supernatural defense corporation," Jimin informed. "We get paid to deal with youkai and demons," V explained. "Thinking about that, you got on in Akihabara, so you work there?" Jimin guessed. Kuro awkwardly nodded. "H-How do you know I got on there?" she mumbled. Jimin's face turned bright red. "Heh, so you finally showed interest in a girl," Suga teased. Rapmon rolled his eyes as he looked out of the window. Kuro's face blushed as she looked up at Jimin. "Your cute and plus I sensed you might of been the Princess," Jimin defended. "You didn't even take note of the second part of that till she fell into your back," Jin guessed. "Hey, Seokjin, your not helping," Jimin complained. Kuro giggled as she took another bite out of the omelet rolls."It's annoying using our powers takes away energy," Jimin sighed, eating one of Suga's chips. "Sorry we took so long to find you," J-hope apologized. "Yeah, we came to Japan in 2013," Jin nodded, patting Kuro on the head. "Luckily our parents taught us Japanese along with Korean as well as how to fight" Suga sighed, taking a sip of his Coca cola. "Is that because your Aces?" Kuro mumbled. "Yeah," Jin nodded, exchanging eye-contact with Jimin. "Sorry," Kuro mumbled, tears forming in the corner of her eyes. Jungkook sighed as he stood up. "I need to go order something else from the bar, you're coming with me," he added, grabbing Kuro's hand and pulling her up and past J-hope who quickly moved his legs to the side. Jungkook pulled her out of the restaurant before walking to the alleyway next to it. Once he got halfway down, he stopped walking and turned to face her. He moved his hand away from Kuro's, wiping the tears away from the corner of her eyes. "It's not your fault, if we weren't Aces, we all wouldn't of met and became friends," he reasured, patting her on the head. "Your only being nice to me because your Aces," she mumbled, crouching down with her back against the wall as she hid her face on her arms. Jungkook crouched down in-front of her, wrapping his arms around her shoulders. "Do you really think we would still be hanging out with you after saving you if we just saw you as the Princess?" he reminded. "So, we're friends?" Kuro mumbled, not looking up. "Of course, so don't worry any more," he smiled. Kuro lifted her head up and nodded. "Are you going to be okay with going back in there?" Jungkook wondered, placing his hands on her shoulders. "Yep, sorry about that," Kuro nodded. "Let's go back inside," Jungkook smiled, lightly locking his fingers with Kuro's before helping her up. "You didn't even buy anything to cover up the lie," Jin complained once they got back inside. "I needed to talk to her, nothing wrong with that," Jungkook defended, sitting down. J-hope moved along one seat so Kuro could sit on the end."I'll walk Kuro home," Rapmon informed once they got to Shibuya station, stepping of the train with Kuro. "If you don't want to you don't have to," Kuro mumbled. "It's okay, I don't mind," he smiled. "Remember to call us if you ever need anything," Jin reminded. "Okay," Kuro smiled. "I'll see you later," Rapmon waved before patting Kuro on the head. "Thanks again for helping me," she blushed, bowing her head. "Remember, talk to us whenever you want," Jimin smiled."Bye-bye," Kuro smiled, waving with both of her hands. V smiled as he did a mini salute with his right index finger. A five minute walk from Shibuya station let them to a small, two story apartment block. "Which floor is your apartment?" Rapmon wondered. "Second," Kuro mumbled. "Okay, let's go," he nodded, walking up the stairs. Pain rushed through Kuro as she fell down to her knees. "Kuro!" Rapmon panicked, crouching down in-front of her. "It's really hard to hide the pain," Kuro muffled through her hand. "You were hiding it the whole time?" Rapmon guessed, watching Kuro nod. "Tell me when your hurt," he complained, wrapping his arms around her shoulder and under her legs as he picked her up Princess style. Kuro's face turned red as she quickly wrapped her arms around his neck. "I-I can walk," she blushed. "Which number is it?" he asked, continuing to walk up the stairs. "Seven," Kuro mumbled. "Do you live on your own?" he guessed, walking to the last apartment on the second floor. "Yeah, for six years," she nodded. "I live with the guys," Rapmon added. "I'm okay with walking on my own," she blushed. He gently helped her stand up once they were outside her apartment. She quickly got her key out of the pocket in her skirt, unlocking the door. "So this is where you live," Rapmon added, taking of his shoes the same time as Kuro at the entrance way after shutting the door. Rapmon quickly got the plasters, cooling pads and antiseptic wipes out of the kitchen. Around the corner of the apartment door was the door leading to Kuro's room which was filled with plushies and racks of clothes. On the right wall of her room were my melody storage boxes which were filled with accessories and more clothes. Her bed was covered in a pink floral duvet and the window behind her bed was covered in a pink curtain. In the left corner of her room was a opened wardrobe packed with pastel clothes. He sat down on the bed, pulling Kuro closer to him. She was sitting in-between his legs, facing him. "Why didn't you tell us it was this bad?" he sighed, seeing the amount of cuts and bruises she had. "It doesn't hurt that much," Kuro mumbled. Rapmon pealed the cooling pads away from the packaging. "I'll sort out the bruises first," he added, placing a cooling pad against the bruise on her arm which caused her to flinch. "You don't have to worry about things like this," Kuro mumbled. "You got most of these when you stopped him from killing me," Rapmon reminded, glancing at the blood rolling down her arm. "Jeez, even your blood smells like strawberries," Rapmon sighed, wiping an antiseptic wipe against the cut which caused pain to rush through the cut. Kuro quickly grabbed a hold of the end of Rapmon's sleeve. "I can lick it clean if you prefer," he offered. "I vote for neither," she mumbled, still gripping onto his sleeve. "Personally I would of preferred to drink some of your blood," Rapmon admitted, picking up a plaster. "Your a vampire?" Kuro guessed. "Yeah, that's how I found you. I smelt your blood and told the others," he nodded, placing another cooling pad on her other arm."You should get some sleep, I'll leave you to it," he added, moving his arms away from her as he stood up of the bed. "Thanks for everything," she smiled, going to stand up. "You don't have to see me out, you're injured, sweet dreams," he smiled, patting her on the head before heading towards the door. "B-Bye," Kuro blushed. Rapmon smiled, waving his arm as he left the room. The next morning all the cuts and bruises were healed. "Finally got the next volume," V smiled as he walked out of a manga store near Akiba station. V felt someone tug on his sleeve, turning around he saw Kuro. "Hi," she smiled. "Hey, your meant to be at home resting," V complained. "The bruises are all healed and the cuts almost are," Kuro mumbled. "That doesn't matter, after everything that happened last night," V reminded. "I don't want to miss work," she mumbled. "Where do you work?" V remembered. Kuro's checks blushed as she pressed her index fingers against each other. "A-At home cafe," she blushed. "The maid cafe?" V guessed, watching Kuro nod. "I wanna see!" V grinned. Kuro's checks blushed as she looked up into his eyes. "Okay," Kuro nodded, jumping slightly as she pointed upwards at the Donki Hote shopping building behind them. V smiled as he watched Kuro happily jump onto the escalators. "It looks so cute," he smiled once he saw the cafe. Kuro nodded as she spinned around."I'll be right back," she smiled before rushing to the changing rooms for a couple of minutes before she came back."Since when was she friends with a guy?" Kiki asked from next to the bar in the cafe as she was watching V. "Woah, cute!" V praised, lightly clapping his hands. Kuro's checks lightly blushed as she shifted her weight from her right leg to her left. "Thank you," she smiled as she brought her right hand up to her check. "Can I get the omurice?" he smiled, holding up his menu. "Okay, I'll be right back," she smiled before slightly skipping over to the counter. "She acts really cute," V grinned, leaning backwards. "If you hurt her, I will beat you up," Maeda threatened behind him, causing him to jump. "Where did you come from?" he asked, pointing to where she was standing before. "I'm Kuro's best friend, if you upset her you have me to deal with," Maeda responded. "Listen, hurting her is the last thing I want to do, and do you think we're going out?" V asked. "Whatever, It's not like I care that much anyway just don't bother me by making her upset," Maeda sulked before walking over to another table. "Crazy Tsundere," he shivered, looking forwards. "Was Maeda mean to you?" Kuro asked from in-front of him. V looked to the side to see Kuro holding a plate with an omurice on the plate and a pot of ketchup in her other hand. "Just being protective, saying if I make you cry or anything she'll beat me up," V responded as Kuro gently placed the plate down in-front of him. "Sorry," Kuro mumbled. "It's okay, Rap Monster is kinda the same, there's a vibe that he'll beat us up if we hurt you or anything," V added. "He does?" Kuro mumbled. "Did you not see his reaction in the train station or even when Suga gets close to you," V reminded. She nodded as she remembered his reaction. "It looks good," V smiled, spotting the omurice. "What would you like me to write?" Kuro offered as she lightly placed it in-front of him. "Surprise me," V grinned. Kuro carefully wrote 'Prince TaeTae' with the ketchup in the center with a heart around it. "TaeTae, huh? Cute nickname," V smiled, doing a thumps up. "Is it weird?" Kuro asked. "Nope, its cute. I like it, better then Rap monster's one," he smiled. Kuro giggled as she nodded.The next day she bumped into Jungkook outside the station. Kuro happily crouched down in-front of the Gachapon machine covered in Love Live! School idol stickers. She inserted 200 yen into the machine before turning the handle which made a clicking sound. Jungkook crouched down next to her.A pale green capsule came out. "I want a Gachapon too!" he smiled, inserting 200 yen in the gachapon machine next to the one Kuro was using. An orange capsule fell into the prize slot. "Ready?" Kuro smiled, turning to face Jungkook. "Yep, in 3," Jungkook responded. "2," Kuro smiled. "1," they both commented in-unison as they opened their capsules and held up the prize inside. Jungkook was holding a Natsume's little friends phone charm while Kuro was holding a Love live Honoka button badge. "So that's where all the badges on your bag came from" Jungkook laughed. "It's a bad habit getting one every day," Kuro giggled. Jungkook tied the phone charm to his phone before picking the button out of Kuro's hand before moving behind her and carefully pinning it to the strap of her bag. "There you go," he smiled. "Thank you," she smiled, turning around to face him. "You two out on a date?" Suga's voice asked from above as someone blocked their light. Looking up, they saw an angry Suga with his arms crossed. "We just happened to run into each other!" Kuro blushed. "Yeah, I was walking her to where she works," Jungkook nodded. Suga grabbed Kuro's hand, pulling her up of the ground. "See you later at home, Jeon," Suga coldly added before quickly walking down the path, still holding onto Kuro. "B-Bye," Kuro waved at Jungkook who stood up. Suga continued walking, not turning around. "Why are you so annoyed?" Kuro mumbled, trying to keep up with him. "I'm not annoyed," Suga complained, slowing down his pace so Kuro could walk next to him. "I'm just annoyed at him," Suga commented. "At Jungkook? Why?" Kuro mumbled. "Because you were acting cute around him," Suga stated, glancing to the side to see Kuro looking at him. "Around me you just act embarressed," Suga admitted. "Sorry," Kuro mumbled. "I guess it's my fault," Suga sighed," It's just your personality and my personality doesn't match, maybe we're not even meant to be friends," he added. Kuro quickly pulled away from him. "It's not like that, idiot!" Kuro cried before running of. "I'm such an idiot," he complained, leaning his head against the wall. A flashback of Kuro's face popped in his head. "I don't want to see her like that," he added. "Where did she go?" Suga puffed as he ran around, looking for her. Kuro had ran off to behind the building near the station. Kuro was sitting with her back against the wall with her knees up and her head leaning on her arms that were on her knees. "Kuro," Suga panted from above her. She kept her head on her knees as she looked down. "Don't run off like that," Suga ordered, crouching down in-front of her and placing his hands on her shoulders. "Why do you even care if we're not friends," Kuro muffled through her arm. "That wasn't what I meant," he responded. He lifted her head up, his heart sinking as he saw the tears rolling down her checks. "Oh my god, I'm sorry," he panicked. Kuro pulled her hood up over her head to hide her eyes. Suga leaped forwards, wrapping his arms around her which caused her to flinch. "I didn't mean it, please forgive me, I only said that because I was worried you hated me," Suga admitted into her shoulder. "Why would I hate you?" Kuro cried. Suga pulled away slightly so he could look into her eyes. He wiped the tears away, keeping his focus on her eyes. "I'm really looking like a jerk, aren't I?" Suga asked. Kuro shock her head. Suga smiled as he pulled her hood backwards. "Time to cheer you up, let's go play," he smiled, patting her on the head. "I look really pathetic, getting upset so easily," Kuro mumbled. "Kyeopta," he smiled. "You were still mean," Kuro muffled, puffing out her checks. "I'l make it up to you," Suga grinned, helping her stand up. He lightly wrapped his arm around her shoulder as he walked forwards, walking around the corner to where the shops were. Along the wall were packets of small anime figures and other old Gachapon insides. "Pick some," he smiled, patting her on the head as he looked himself. "Are you sure?" Kuro asked. "Of course, I made you cry so I have to make you smile," he responded, poking her nose which caused her checks to blush. "Thank you," she beamed, looking through the rows. Suga picked up a small packet with a Nyanpuku phone charm before glancing over at Kuro and smiling as he saw her carefully scanning all of the items. "C-Can I have these?" she blushed, looking to the side as she held three different packets. "Find some more if you want," he smiled, picking up another packet with a small Keropi figure and one with a Nyanpuku mini stylus. "Thank you for your purchase," the shop assistance thanked as she passed the small shopping back to Suga. He nodded his head as he walked out of the store with Kuro. He took his three purchases out of the bag before jumping behind Kuro and carefully putting the rest in her bag. She got a K-on Azuna chibi phone charm, A love live school idol project Rin badge as well as three small anime chibi figures."Thank you," Kuro blushed. "No problem," he grinned, patting her on the head. As they entered don quijote, Kuro hid behind him. "Whats wrong?" he asked, confused. "I'm kinda late for work and I work on the next floor," Kuro mumbled. "Heh, the maid cafe?" Suga guessed. Kuro's checks turned red. "It's awkward you found out," she flushed. "Why? Maid cafe's are cute," he responded. "Isn't it weird?" Kuro mumbled. "Aren't you happy working there?" Suga asked, watching her nod. "Then its not weird," he reasured, patting her on the head. Kuro smiled as she nodded. "So cute," she smiled, picking up a pair of black cat ears. She went on her tiptoes before putting them on Suga's head. "Looks cute," she giggled. Suga glanced at the mirror and grinned. "Doesn't look bad," he nodded, doing a thumps up. Kuro smiled as she puffed her checks out and did a 'v' sign. "Heh," he smirked. Kuro blankly looked up at him. "Your acting cute," he smiled, wrapping his arm around her back. "I am?" she asked. "That's what makes it cute, you just act normal and it comes of as cute," Suga added. "I act cute?" she mumbled, tilting her head slightly to the side. He nodded as he continued looking at the shelfs. That night all the guys were waiting outside her apartment. "We want to talk to you about something," Jin stated. "It would be better if we talked in there," Jimin added. "Okay," Kuro nodded, unlocking the door. "Very pink," Jin smiled as he leaned against the wall in her room. "So whats wrong?" Kuro asked. "Do you want to move in with us?" J-hope smiled. "Move in?" Kuro repeated. "Yeah, well you live alone anyway and if you live with us you don't have to pay for bills or rent since SDC pays for them," Suga informed. "Also we're friends, right?" Jimin smiled. "But your all guys...." Kuro mumbled. "The spare room has a private bathroom and a lock," Jin added. "Why do you have a spare room?" Kuro asked, blankly looking up at him. "Just in case we found the Princess," J-hope admitted. Kuro's checks turned red. "Our little Kuro isn't so innocent after-all," Suga laughed. "I-It's not like that!" she blushed, looking up at him. His checks flushed as he looked away. "Stop being a ulzzang girl!" Suga complained, crossing his arms. "Ulzzang?" Kuro repeated, her checks lightly blushing. "Ah, she knows what it means," Jin guessed. "Thats a kpop fan for you," J-hope nodded. "Go dress like a guy or something," Suga complained, lightly pushing Kuro forwards slightly. "Are you into that sort of thing?" Jimin judged. "T-That's not what i meant," Suga defended. Kuro lightly puffed out her checks slightly as she brought her closed fists up to her checks as she winked. His face turned bright red as he crouched down on the floor. "Okay, the Engera just died. Moving on," Jungkook sighed. "Your a Engera?" Kuro mumbled. "Ah right, it all happened quickly so you don't know our types," Rap Monster remembered. "I'm a Kitsune," Jungkook added. "I'm a Kodama," Jin informed. "A baku," V nodded, doing a mini salute. "Kappa," J-hope admitted."Chinese hoping zombie," Jimin added. "And vampire, like you know," Rap Monster added. "And plus don't you have fun with us?" Jungkook reminded. "O-Okay," she blushed, pressing her index fingers against each other. The guys started to help her pack away her things. Once they were finished they arranged what to do the next evening before leaving to let her get some sleep."So your going to live with seven guys?" Maeda sighed the next day at the cafe. "It's not as bad as it sounds," Kuro mumbled. "You have to invite me around sometime," Maeda added. "Okay, its a deal," Kuro beamed, holding out her pinkey finger as Maeda did the same and linked with hers. A group of three girls walked in through the doors. "Bye-bye," Kuro smiled as she cutely shuffled over to the doors."Welcome back," Kuro smiled, lightly tilting her head to the side as she swayed to the side slightly. All the way throughout the day it was normal at the cafe. That night Jimin was waiting outside Akihabara station, reading a manga. "Is that a yaoi?" Kuro asked from next to him. Jimin jumped as he quickly hid the manga. "I don't read Yaoi," he responded. The top of his ears red. "Your blushing," Kuro giggled. Jimin smiled as he lightly hit Kuro on the head with the manga. "Ow," Kuro mumbled, puffing out her checks. "Sorry," Jimin added, wrapping his arm around her. Kuro giggled as she nodded. She quickly read the tittle of the manga in Jimin's hand. "Accel world?" she mumbled. Jimin showed her one of the pages of two of the main characters talking."Okay, I trust you," Kuro smiled, skipping forwards before spinning around. Jimin smiled as he placed the manga back into the shopping bag. "Ready to go home?" he grinned. "Yep," Kuro beamed. "It's really busy," Jimin sighed, looking around the platform to see the long queues of people waiting for the next train. "Do you want to get the next one?" Kuro asked, looking up at Jimin who was standing behind her. "The next one will have a bunch of perverts on and will be even more busy, no way," Jimin refused, lightly patting Kuro's head. "Try to get against the side and i'll stand in-front of you so no creepy guys comes close to you," he added. The train pulled in-front of them. "You have a weird view of trains," Kuro mumbled, looking up at him. "You might wear shorts but that wouldn't stop guys with their cameras," Jimin added. "That never happens to me," Kuro mumbled. "At least nothing even worse has happened to you," he sighed, watching the doors open to the almost filled up train. Since they were standing at the front of their queue they got on first as soon as the three people who exited the train carriage left. Kuro was squished with her back against the railings. Jimin was pressed up against her, focusing on her eyes as their heads were a couple of cm's apart. His warm breath hit against her neck. "J-Jimin, your too close," Kuro blushed, looking towards the train window. "It should get a little less busy at Tokyo station and then Shinjuku," he reminded, not moving. The top of his ears were bright red. The doors started to close as the train officer blew his whistle. "B-But its really awkward," Kuro mumbled, looking down. "Wouldn't you prefer it was me compared to someone else?" he asked. As the train jolted forwards, Jimin fell onto Kuro, their lips only a couple of cms apart, causing his checks to turn cherry red. He quickly moved as far back as he could however that wasn't that far. Kuro quickly pulled her hood up over her eyes as she looked away. "Are you trying to hide your blushing?" Jimin guessed. Kuro nodded, not looking up. At Tokyo half of the train carriage stepped off however more got on, causing Kuro and Jimin to be even more squished against each other. "It's even more filled up now," Jimin complained, placing his hand on Kuro's waist. "Maybe we should of got the next train," Kuro mumbled. Jimin glanced around at the people standing around them who were either listening to music or playing on their phones. "We might of not gotten the railings to lean against and the people might of been worse," Jimin reminded, glancing at the man standing next to Kuro who was on his phone. Once they got of in Shin-okubo, he guided her to an apartment block.
After taking the lift to the ninth floor, he showed her to the apartment at the end of the hallway. He pulled a key out of his pocket as he opened the door."Someone needs to sort out their shoes," he sighed, kicking all the shoes to the side. "It's okay," Kuro giggled. Jimin kicked of his sneakers as he jumped up onto the step before crouching down. He untied the pink lace around Kuro's Angelic Pretty sneakers slightly so it was easier for her to take them of.
"They're tied really weirdly," Jimin observed. "My friend did it," Kuro mumbled. Jimin glanced up at her. "You can't tie laces?" he guessed. Kuro's checks lightly blushed as she nodded. "I'll do them for you every morning," he smiled. "Really?" Kuro asked. "Of course!" he nodded, doing a thumps up. Kuro quickly leaned forwards, hugging him. "Thank you!" she beamed. Jimin smiled as he patted her on the head. "Get a room," J-hope complained. Kuro's face turned bright red as she quickly stood up, took of her shoes and shuffled to the side, still near the edge of the step. "Thanks, Ho-Seok," Jimin complained. Jungkook walked around the corner, leaning on Kuro's shoulders. "Welcome home," he smiled. "I-It's good to be home," she blushed, looking him in the eye. "So cute," Jungkook grinned, hugging her before quickly stealing Jimin's shopping bag. "Ah, It's not Yaoi. I thought I finally caught you," he sighed, disappointment in the manga inside. Kuro giggled as she pulled her hood back. "Not you too, Kuro thought the same thing," Jimin sighed, taking his bag back. "Welcome back," Jin greeted as he got up of the sofa. "Food should arrive soon," V added. "Are you okay with pizza?" J-hope wondered from next to V on the sofa. "Yep," Kuro nodded. The door opened behind them with Suga and Rapmon next to each other, each holding a seven-11 shopping back each. "Welcome back," Kuro smiled, spinning around and slipping. Jimin quickly wrapped his arms around her before she could fall. "Your seriously clumsy," Suga commented. "I-I'm not clumsy," Kuro blushed, looking up at Jimin who smiled. "Sorry," she blushed, quickly standing up. "I'm used to it," Jimin responded, moving his hands away from her. "It doesn't happen that much," she pouted, puffing out her checks. "Right, right," Jimin laughed. Suga took of his shoes as he stepped onto the step, patting Kuro on the head as he walked past. "I'm gonna go get changed into pajamas, these are too un-comfy," he responded as he walked around the corner. Opposite the entrance way was the kitchen. To the left of the entrance way was a door leading to a bathroom. The living room was to the left with a large balcony on the back wall. Along the left wall was a large cream sofa covered in pillows. On the floor in-front of it was a large, fluffy rug with a table on-top which had a manga in the middle. On the right wall was the TV stand with the large TV on-top and a collection of games of DVDs on the floor around it. A large hallway went out of the living room. To the left was Suga's room and then J-hope's room followed by Jin's and then Jimin's. At the end of the hallway was Kuro's room. On the right side leading from Kuro's room was Rap monster's, V's, Jungkook's and then the kitchen. A loud knock echoed through the apartment. "I'll get it," J-hope smiled, putting down the manga he was reading before rushing to the door. "Thank you for your order," the delivery man thanked as he swapped the pizza box for the money. e placed them down on the table in-front of the sofa before sitting down the other side of Kuro. "For our first night all living together," Suga added, holding his glass of lemonade into the middle followed by everyone else. "Fairy tale is on TV," Jin added, changing the channel on the flat-screen TV once they finished eating. "Do you want me to show you your room?" J-hope offered. "If its okay," Kuro nodded. "Sorry if It looks bad, me and Jungkook were doing it," Jin apologized as he sang along to the theme tune coming from the speakers. "It's okay, whatever it looks like, it will be good since you did it," Kuro smiled before following J-hope. "Sorry if it looks bad," he apologized as he pushed open the door to revel the pastel pink room inside. The carpet was dark pink with light pink spots. In the back left corner of the room was a double white bed which was neatly covered in a pastel pink duvet cover which had lace and bows as well as matching pillows along with a pastel pink Etude House SHINee pillow. A 30 cm mint Arpakasso sat at the end of her bed along with a My Melody, Little twin stars Unicorn, Kuromi, Korilikkuma and a Super Sonico plushie. Five pastel pink printed salopettes hung from the top of the walls around her bed by pastel pink coat hangers with a Hello Kitty face printed in the middle. A set of doors leading to the balcony was to the right of the bed, covered by a pair of pastel pink curtains decorated in black Alice in Wonderland designs. In the right hand corner was a long pastel pink mirror resting against the wall. Next to it was a set of pastel storage units with my Melody themed storage boxes on one set. On the top were Strawberry shaped Bento boxes which stored hair-ties and clips. A long sleeved pastel pink seifuku and a short sleeved mint seifuku hung above them. On the next bit of the storage units had a variety of different sized My Melody plushies. A collection of fashion magazines were neatly in the bottom of the storage holders. A white wardrobe was in the corner of the wall nearer the door. Above the bed was a small VIXX poster featuring Ravi and Hongbin wearing what appeared to be pajamas. A small pink Love live Nico wall hanging scroll was by the mirror. A mini circle shaped white table was in the middle of the room which a storage stray underneath which had a My Melody shaped purse and several other cute merchandise. "Its cute," she smiled, doing a thumps up. "I'm gonna go watch Fairy tale with the guys, shout if you need anything," he smiled, patting her on the shoulder as he walked past. The next morning the smell of pancakes filled the apartment. Jin was cooking breakfast in the kitchen wearing matching Doraemon pajamas. "Morning," Kuro muffled through her hand as she yawned. "Morning," Jin smiled. As he turned around, his face blushed as he looked at Kuro's pastel pink pajamas. A pair of plain pastel pink thigh high socks covered her legs.
He grinned as he walked forwards. Kuro stepped backwards, bumping into the wall. Kuro's checks turned red as he only stopped walking as he was pressing up against her. He leaned closer to her, placing on hand on her waist. "J-Jin?" she blushed, looking up at him. "You look adorable," he whispered, causing her checks to turn bright red. Jin grinned as he kissed her on the check before going back over to the stove. A hand patted her on the head from above her. Looking up, she saw Jungkook. He was wearing fluffy blue pajama trousers printed with small white stars and a cream long sleeved pajama shirt with blue star collar and edge of his sleeves. "Sup," Suga called as he walked into the kitchen. He was wearing a white vest top, a pale blue and white stripped thin jacket with a hood which was covering his head, pale blue pajama bottoms with dots and cupcakes and a pair of red and white diamond socks. He drank some lemonade before getting a pocky box out of the cupboard. "No eating before breakfast," Jin complained, pulling the pocky box out of his hands. "But i'm hungry," Suga complained. "Good thing i'm making breakfast or do you want to go to your room and not eat?" Jin moaned. "Yah, your only a year older then me," Suga reminded, going to get something else out of the cupboard. Kuro placed her hand up to her mouth as she giggled. "They're cute together," she smiled. " Yoonjin?" Jungkook laughed. "Hey, don't just make up ship names," Suga complained. "Yeah, especially with a guy," Jin responded. "I ship you two," Kuro muffled through her hand as she yawned."Go get some more sleep, I'll wake you up when breakfast is ready," Jin advised. "I'll be okay," Kuro smiled, lightly squishing her checks. "Cute," Suga smirked, doing a thumps up which caused her checks to lightly blushed. "She's still bad at receiving compliments," Jungkook guessed, watching Kuro press her index fingers against each other. "You always do that when your embarrassed, its just makes it more obvious," Suga responded, picking up a banana however Jin pulled it away from him. "Anything I can do to help?" she offered, shifting her weight from her right foot to her left. "Could you go wake up the guys," Jin requested. "Okay," Kuro nodded before skipping around the corner. "I'll help as well," Jungkook offered. "Me to," Suga nodded. "Your just gonna go eat food in Jimin's room, your staying here and helping," Jin added. Jungkook went to Jimin's room while Kuro went to J-hopes. His room was slightly smaller then Kuro's. On the left hand side was his double white bed covered in a pale blue duvet cover and a couple of plushies. A white canopy hung over the bed. Next to his bed was a bedside table with his phone and laptop. A Doreamon shaped rug was in-front of his bed. Opposite his bed was his open wardrobe which was slightly messy and filled with black, white and blue clothes. Next to his wardrobe was a shelf of anime figures including Death Note and Soul Eater. Blue fairy-lights hung from the ceiling. J-hope's eyes quickly opened. "Morning," he smiled, wrapping his arm around Kuro as he moved her closer to him. "Jin told me to come wake you up since breakfast is almost finished," she smiled, picking up the Rilakkuma plushie. "It's too early," he sighed, leaning his head on her shoulder. The duvet around him fell to his waist, reveling his abs. Kuro's face blushed as she looked away and pulled up her hood. "J-hope..." she mumbled. "Crap, I forgot I wasn't wearing anything," J-hope panicked, moving the duvet back up. Kuro quickly shuffled to the edge of the bed, falling of. "Kuro!" J-hope panicked, using one hand to wrap the duvet around him while he grabbed Kuro's hand to stop her from falling. THUD. She opened her eyes to see that J-hope had fallen on-top of her, with only his duvet separating them. "Kibo!" she blushed, looking to the side. "Kibo?" he repeated, looking down into her eyes. Kuro awkwardly looked up into his eyes. "Sorry, weird nickname," she blushed. "Kibo is cute, Japanese for hope," he grinned. "W-Why aren't you wearing anything anyway?" she mumbled. "It got really hot and didn't want to put on the air con since its loud and would of disturbed you," he admitted, still staring down into her eyes. J-hope gripped the duvet around him as he sat up. "I'll help you wake up the others," he added. "I-I'll leave you to get changed then," she mumbled, nodding her head slightly as she shuffled to the door. "Surprise me," a female customer at the cafe smiled. "Okay," Kuro smiled, drawing a basic Doreamon on the top of the milkshake using icing. "So cute!" the girl squirreled. "Now your drink will be magical," Kuro smiled. A couple of hours later. "It's finally spring," Maeda sighed as her and Kuro left the cafe. She smiled as she watched Kuro hold out her hand, catching the falling cherry blossoms. "Be-careful on your way home," Maeda added. "I will, you too," Kuro nodded, catching another petal. "Try to not fall over," she responded. "I'm not that clumsy," Kuro pouted, puffing out her checks slightly. "Anyway I need to go, see ya later," Nana sighed. "Bye-bye," Kuro smiled, waving her arms in the air before Maeda waved and walked in the opposite direction. In Shin-okubo a hand suddenly wrapped around her mouth as another hand grabbed her arm and dragged her into the alleyway. "So your the Princess?" a male voice asked behind her. Kuro quickly kicked him in the shin, causing him to let go of her. "Stupid girl," he moaned, kicking her to the side. Frost covered the walls around them. Kuro quickly stood up, getting her phone out of her pocket behind her. "Can't you just be an obedient little Princess?" he sighed, walking closer to her while she stepped backwards bumping into the wall. The boy pushed her against the wall. Kuro's legs felt weak, causing her to fall down onto her knees. "Pink and purple, huh?" he asked, looking down into her eyes which had tears in the corners. He crouched down on-top of her legs, ramming the scissors into her stomach, causing her to flinch. Blood dripped to the ground. He stood up, kicking Kuro to the side. She started to cough up blood. The man bursted out laughing as he kicked Kuro to the side. "Your seriously weak," he laughed, taking a sip out of a bottle of vodka. "Do you want any?" he offered, shaking the bottle. "Are you kidding? Let me go," Kuro puffed, using her arms to push herself up of the ground. "Let you go?" he laughed, clicking his fingers. Chains grew out of the ground around him. Kuro quickly drew a crescent moon out of pale pink glow in the air in-front of her. A crescent moon shaped beam shot out as glowing cherry blossoms flew out before morphing into the scythe. Shaking, Kuro slammed the end of the scythe on the ground, knocking cherry blossoms to the side. A barrier of glowing beams shaped like pumpkins and crescent moons shot out. Cherry blossoms flew out from the scythe as it turned into a Sig pro automatic. "A gun?" she weakly mumbled. She felt weak, causing her to fall down onto her knees. THUD. Footsteps bounced through the air as the demon walked closer."This isn't fun anymore," he sighed, emptying the bottle over her before kicking her to the side and walking of. V was sitting on the sofa, reading a manga when his phone suddenly rang. "Hey Kuro," he smiled. "V, where are you?" Kuro's voice weakly asked."The apartment,why?"he panicked, sitting up. "I'm behind the 7-11 by the apartment, can you come help me?" she mumbled. V quickly picked his jacket of up the side as he ran to the door. "Kuro?" he called out, getting his phone out of his pocket. As a light shot out of the back of his phone, he noticed a few drops of blood, leading behind the bin. Without thinking he ran behind the bin to see Kuro leaning against the wall. Blood and cuts covered her.Her phone was down by her side. "Kuro!" he panicked, rushing over to her. He quickly put the jacket over her shoulders before picking her up Princess style. "We'll be home soon," he added, tightening his grip on her.
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Chapter 2- Fairy wars
"All the lights are out," V observed as he closed the front door with his foot since he was still holding Kuro. "She's bleeding a lot," he panicked, seeing the blood drop to the floor. He rushed to his room which was in-between's Rap Monster's and Jungkook's. His room was slightly smaller then Kuro's. A light blue fluffy carpet covered the floor. All of his walls were filled with Kpop posters from B1A4, FT Island and Block B. His double sized bed in the left corner of the room, with the side facing inwards was covered in anime plushies along the left side. See through storage boxes were next to his bed, filled with manga, Korean Drama DVDs and Anime box-sets with more anime merchandise on-top. A built in white wardrobe was on the right wall filled with clothes. A green Rilakkuma duvet cover and pillow set were on the bed. V lightly placed Kuro down on his bed as he rushed to get the first aid box. V gently placed a damp flannel on her forehead as he sat down on the bed next to her. "She's burning up," he sighed, pulling wet wipes out of the packet to wipe away the alcohol staying on her skin. "I'm home," Jin shouted from the front door. "Jin, get in here!" V yelled, opening the first aid box. As soon as the door swung open, Jin ran to the bed. "What happened?" he panicked. "I don't know, she called me to come help her and when I got there she had already collapsed," he explained. Jin picked up the antiseptic wipes out of the bed before moving the other side of Kuro and wiping the cuts on her arms. "We need to change her clothes," Jin added, glancing at her outfit which consisted of

V quickly turned the air con on.

V had fallen asleep on the floor, with his back to the bed and head resting on his arms. He smelt a faint, sweet, strawberry-like scent and felt someone tug his sleeve. Opening his eyes, he saw white hair. "Sorry for waking you," Kuro mumbled. As he blinked his eyes open, he realized that Kuro was leaning over his shoulder. He could feel her lightly shaking. "Kuro!" he smiled. He quickly moved up onto the bed, wrapping his arms around her, accidentally knocking her backwards on the bed as he pressed up against her, rubbing his check against hers. "I was really worried about you," he admitted, looking down at her."Your pressing to hard," Kuro mumbled. A smirk formed on his face as he sat up on her stomach. "Not like that!" Kuro blushed. "What happened back there?" he asked, looking straight into her eyes. "A demon followed me..." she mumbled. "What happened to him?" V asked, lightly placing his hands on her waist. "He walked of..." she mumbled. "What if he comes to find you?" he panicked, leaning forwards which caused Kuro to flinch slightly as she looked away. "I don't think hes going to," she blushed.V's heartbeat increased as he focused on her pale pink, soft lips. "A-Anyway, y-your k-kinda heavy," she blushed, looking to the side. His face suddenly turned red before he moved to the side to help Kuro up. "Sorry!" he panicked, remembering the cut on her stomach. "Anyway, where is this?" she asked, looking around the room. "My room," V responded, picking up one of the plushies. "So this is your bed?" Kuro blushed, watching him nod. "I'll go wake up the others," he added, patting her on the head before standing up. "Change into this first," he remembered, picking up a large t-shirt with Micky mouse printed in the middle before pacing it to Kuro. "Thanks," she blushed. V ruffled her hair before leaving the room. She quickly changed into the top which reached just under her hips. A pair of arms suddenly wrapped around her waist from behind her. Jungkook smiled as she looked up at him. "I was really worried about you!" he admitted, lightly kissing the inside of her index finger which caused her checks to blush. "Lets go out into the living room," he added. Kuro nodded as she went to sit up however pain rushed through her. Her checks turned red as she fell onto Jungkook's lap. "Are you okay?" he flushed, looking down at Kuro who had headbutted his thigh when she fell. "I-I'm not clumsy," she blushed before Jungkook could say what he was going to say. "Sure, Sure," he laughed, patting her on the head. "S-Sorry!" she blushed, going to sit up again however fell down again, gripping onto her stomach. "The others are worried as well, let's go," he remembered, wrapping his arms around her as he picked her up Princess style. "I-I can walk!" she blushed. "V already carried you like this, no need to be embarrassed," Jungkook responded, standing up and being careful to not fall over. "Right, i rang him before I collapsed..." she mumbled. "You should of called one of us sooner so we could of helped you," he added, kicking open V's door. Kuro glanced up at him. "I doesn't look like you went into shock," he added. "Her pulse was really slow earlier," V interrupted as he walked out of Kuro's room, holding one of the plushies from her bed. "Do you want to go to the hospital?" Jungkook offered. "I'm okay, I don't like the hospital," Kuro mumbled. "Ah, right, Shinigami," V guessed, watching Kuro nod. "I'm going to go make you something to eat," V added, patting her on the head as he walked past. "It hurts a lot, right?" Jungkook guessed, look down into her eyes as she looked up at him. "Sorry, is it obvious?" she mumbled. "Your slightly shaking," he admitted. "Sorry!" Kuro blushed, trying to move out of his hands. "H-hey, Kuro, It's okay, I'll carry you," Jungkook panicked. His foot dripped on the carpet. THUD. "O-Ow..." Kuro mumbled, feeling something hard land on her as she fell onto the carpet. "You might of been embarrassed but still, your too clumsy," Jungkook's voice whispered from next to her ear. His breath felt warm. Kuro admittedly opened her eyes to see that Jungkook had fallen on-top of her. Their legs were intertwined as he was pressed up against her, his hands on her waist. "K-Kookie?" she blushed. "This is why I was carrying you, so you wouldn't fall," Jungkook added, not moving. "B-But its embarrassing and..." Kuro blushed, flinching when he pressed down even more. "You shaking was only worrying me," he reasured. "Keep it pg to 13 in the hallways," Suga interrupted. "It is pg to 13," Jungkook defended. "Well I can tell its happening so get of her before things get weird," Suga complained. Kuro blankly looked up at him. He crouched down so he was closer to looking Kuro in the eye. "Has he done anything weird to you?" he asked. "No, what do you mean its happening?" Kuro innocently asked. Jungkook's face turned bright red as he quickly stood up and turned around. Suga helped her sit up. "Do you have idea now?" he asked. Kuro's face turned bright red. "She's guessed," Suga added. "Yoongi, your not helping!" Jungkook flushed.

"Okay, pervert, that's enough," Rap monster complained, pulling Kuro to his lap. He leaned his head on her shoulder. "I'm okay with sitting on the sofa," Kuro blushed. "Don't worry your not heavy and your soft," Rap Monster reassured. "That doesn't make it any less awkward," she mumbled, pressing her index fingers against each other. Rap Monster moved his arms away from her. Kuro quickly sat down on the sofa in-between his legs. "Heh, so you like sitting in-between his legs?" Suga smirked. Kuro glanced up at him, blushing as they exchanged eye-contact. "I-its not that I like it," Kuro mumbled, glancing at Rap Monster who was watching her. "So you don't mind it?" Jin guessed. "I don't hate it," she nodded, glancing down. "You guys made her embarrassed," J-hope commented, patting Kuro on the head.

She felt dizzy as her vision went blurry. Jimin quickly caught her as her legs went weak, knocking her down. She gripped onto the end of his sleeve. "Are you okay?" he panicked. "My head really hurts," she puffed, tightening her grip on his sleeve. "You might have a concussion, I'm taking you to the Hospital," Jimin decided. "I'll be okay," Kuro mumbled. Jimin quickly sent a message from his phone. "You've been getting worse, you might be internally bleeding for all we know," Jimin reminded. "Hospital bills are expensive," Kuro mumbled. "SDC pays for them as long as we're there. Don't worry about that," Jimin reasured. Suga quickly ran around the corner. Kuro weakly glanced up at him. "I got her stuff like you asked," Suga added, pacing Jimin a bag while he crouched down with his back facing Kuro. "You would prefer if I carried you like this so get on," Suga commented. "I'm okay, It's nothing serious," Kuro mumbled. She placed her hand against her mouth as she started coughing. "Kuro!" Suga and Jimin panicked in-unison. Suga pulled her hand away from her mouth, seeing the blood on her head. "We need to go now, get on my back," he responded. Kuro weakly wrapped her arms around him as he picked her up. Jimin lightly patted her back. "Don't worry, everything will be okay," he reasured.

Jimin and Suga were waiting outside a hospital room, pacing up and down. A 184 cm tall Japanese man walked out. "I'm Oguri Shun," he introduced. "Is she okay?" Suga asked. "There's no serious injuries or no broken bones. However its likely there was and her Shinigami powers healed her," Shun informed. "So she's okay?" Jimin asked. "She needs to rest, not move around and too eat, she uses her blood for her powers. She used to much and needs to get more energy," Shun informed. "So she needs more blood?" Suga asked. "Don't worry, that's already sorted, it seems like your ready to donate if she needs any," Shun expressed. "Of course," Jimin and Suga responded at the same time. "When can she go home?" Jimin asked. "We would prefer for her to stay in over night so we can check on her," Shun explained. "We can check on her, staying here will make her worse," Suga stubbornly added. "If you properly check on her, not leaving her alone for long that can be alright. But she needs an adult to fill out the dismissal form," Shun responded. "I'll do that, I'm 21," Suga nodded. "Okay, follow me and I'll give you a form. You can go in to see her," Shun nodded, glancing at Jimin who bowed. "Thank you," he responded. Kuro was sitting up in the bed ,with the plushie Suga brought from her room, on her lap. "Luckily your okay," he sighed. "I told you I was fine," Kuro mumbled, pulling the blood transfusion tube out of her arm which caused her to flinch. "I don't think your meant to take those out," he added. "It hurts having it going into my vein," Kuro mumbled. "If you keep it in you will feel stronger," Jimin reminded.

"This will get rid of the headaches," Shun informed, pacing her some pills. "You know I won't take them," Kuro mumbled. "You never did but they will make you," Shun commented, looking at Suga and Jimin who had blank looks on their faces. "When she was found when she was younger, I was the Doctor who made sure she was okay," Shun explained. "Did you know I was a Shinigami?" Kuro asked, looking up at him. "I'm human so I can't sense you or anything. I knew you weren't human, that's all I knew," Shun informed. "When you were found?" Suga repeated, glancing at Kuro who was playing with the plushie. "Anyway you need more red blood cells," Shun complained, looking up to see how much blood was left. "Can I go home yet?" Kuro mumbled. "I signed your release papers," Suga nodded. Kuro stood up, falling forwards and being caught by Jimin. "You need to rest for a week," Shun ordered.

"Wake us up if you feel worse or want anything," Jimin added, pulling the duvet up over them. "Yep, wake us up any-when," Suga nodded, kissing her check which caused her face to turn red. Suga stroked her hair as she slowly fell asleep. "I wish there was something we could do for her," Jimin whispered.

"Jeez," V complained, looking to the side. Jimin was pressed up against her back, his left leg going in-between hers as his head rested against her shoulder. Kuro was lightly holding onto the end of Suga's sleeve as he laid in-front of her, holding her hand and leaning his head against her shoulder that was leaning against the bed. "I'm gonna wake them two up to move away from her," Rap Monster complained. V quickly grabbed his arm. "Her shaking's stopped, I think they were just comforting her," V observed.

"You went to the hospital?" Rap monster panicked. "More like forced to go," Kuro mumbled. "You could barely stand up, you pulse kept changing, you had a headache and your vision went blurry," Jimin reminded. "Are you feeling better?" V asked, placing his hand against her forehead.

V glanced up at her, smiling.

"It's so hot," she puffed, looking up at the ceiling. J-hope sat down on the floor next to the sofa as he leaned his arms against her. "Your barely wearing anything and your really hot?" he asked. Kuro nodded, moving her hand to use as a fan however flinched. J-hope quickly knelled up. "Are you okay?" he panicked. "How long will it take for the pain to disappear?" she mumbled. J-hope leaned over her, his head a couple of cm's away from hers. "I have aircon in my room, sleep in there," he offered. "It's okay, its your room," she blushed. "I can sleep in there as well," he flushed, watching Kuro's checks turn even more red.
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