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Posted 3/21/15 , edited 3/22/15
I've been thinking recently about running a Osu! event so here i am! We'll mostly be doing this for fun and stuffs if you're bad or good at Osu! doesn't really matter, I wouldn't call myself great or bad at Osu! so everyone is welcomed!

If you don't know what Osu! is it's a Rhythm game which uses songs in form of beatmaps and you play to get high scores.

I'll be streaming this but i don't believe in advertising in posts so if you want to watch it or smth just pm me

To enter, just send me your Osu! name and i'll invite you if you're on

I would be hosting this regularly if you would like to join.

Next event
Next week Wednesday GMT: 8pm-9pm
Posted 3/21/15
I'll play if it's tomorrow again.
Posted 3/21/15
dude, lets play, time to shine, gotta learn how to stream too
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Posted 1/15/17
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