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Posted 3/21/15 Shutting down for good?

Due to unforeseen circumstances we are shutting and closing down the site. We do not plan to bring it back.

I have watched countless dramas and movies on this site for many years! Its a shame if they do shut down. But seeing its predecessor DramaCrazy shut down I'm pessimistic about Gooddrama's return. *sobs*

Got any suggestions on where to watch quality dramas?
Posted 3/22/15
Most of the legal stream sites will have some, i can't tell you how much but I'm sure Netflix and i know CR, have some. Might try googling or see if there are any groups around that can give you a better idea.
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Posted 3/22/15
Same here, it was working fine 2 days ago. I love it was the only site I knew without all them advertisements that continuously pops up.

But I wish I knew why it's shutdown. But I only know youtube has some but they're like those small cams upload to prevent streaming.
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