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Another Doppleganger Again in
Mystic Falls?


Again with another doppleganger of Elena Gilbert and Katerina Petrova. What happen if Stefan bumped into another doppleganer who look like Katerina Petrova/Elena Gilbert? Her name is Stella Diego. She was born in California but she loves to sing and dance and her hobbies are to write songs, play drums, singing practice, and more. Stella is a vampire she is 1000+ years old.


Elena / Damon
Stefan / OC
Klaus / Caroline
Bonnie / Jeremy
Eijah / Katherine


Stella Diego
Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three
Chapter Four
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【Stella Diego❤】



Stella Sally Diego
Vampire Queen
Sally (Katerina/Katherine), Stella, Ally
18 (Vampire Age: 1000+)
Manilla, Philippines
Katerina Petrova (Rina)
Katerina Petrova, Anna (Ann), Pearl
Elena Gilbert and Damon Salvatore
Stefan Salvatore
Regina Diego ( Vampire // Alived )
Leon Diego ( Demon//Alived )
Miranda Diego ( Demon//Alived )
Edward Diego ( Demon//Alived )
Catherine Diego ( Demon//Alived )
Michael Diego ( Vampire//Alived )
Annabelle Diego ( Vampire//Alived )
Ryan Diego ( Vampire//Alived )
Tom Jackson ( Wizard//Missing )
Katerina Jackson ( Demon//Alived )
Harry Jackson ( Warlock//Alived )
Damon Salvatore ( Vampire//Alived )
Stefan Salvatore ( Vampire//Alived )
Zach Salvatore ( Human//Decreased )
HUSBAND ~ here
SON ~ here
UNCLE ~ here
2ND UNCLE ~ here
3RD UNCLE ~ here

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【 Chapter One ❤ 】

It was Monday; January 5, 2014 her husband went missing or just left. She decided to move on. Even though her son is with her husband. She brought her daughter named Katerina she was named after her best friend Katherine Pierce's real name with her instead. "Katerina its time to go~!" She called her daughter. "I'm coming, mommy!" Katerina shouted as her daughter grabbed her stuff and look around to see its empty. Stella her family are actresses and actors. Her mother was a singer and her father was an actor. She became a singer herself and her husband became an actor. So her kids are following their parents steps some is different her son is taking game design classes in the Art Institute of California - San Diego with her husband staying there with his parents. As for Katerina she decided to follow her mother's foot steps to become a singer so Stella decided to signed for her daughter to become a mother-daughter singing career. Katerina was so happy that her mother signed for her as her manager.

Within 3 hours of driving to Msytic Falls, Stella decided to call Katherine Pierce that she named her daughter from her previous name. Stella told Katerina to stay over in her husbands house for safety which she agreed to stayed after all Katerina knew her husband is a warlock a very strong wizard. "Were here~ Katerina. This is our new home. I haven't applied you to high school so compell the principal for it." Katerina nodded happily. Stella decided to renamed her daughter's last name as Diego. "Now remember do not be friends with other supernatural including Lockwood alright. Just be friends with other humans. No feeding and showing to the other supernaturals." Katerina nodded. "Mommy are you going to school with me?" Stella nodded.

Katerina was dropped in Mystic Falls High. Katerina looks just like Katherine but a little younger. She waited for her mother come to school with her. She is a genius IQ. Katerina saw her mommy coming toward her. When someone bumped into her. "I'm sorry for bumping into. Are you there? An are you a little to young to be in high school?" A girl with blonde hair she can feel it that this girl is a vampire. Katerina nodded and popped her head out and spotted her mommy. "MOMMY!" Katerina shouted and dash toward her mother and hide behind her. She doesn't like to be talked by strangers. As for the blonde girl softened this. "I'm Caroline Forbes. I'll be your escort to school are you two new? Is she your daughter?" Caroline said as she cooes as she saw the girl bury her head into this girl's mother neck. They look just like Katherine. Except the daughter but the mother is. I wonder if I can call Stefan about this. Caroline thought. "I can't sense daddy. Mommy." The girl whispered to her mommy. She is married! She is so young! Caroline thought she was shocked. "He is staying away from Msytic Falls, Katerina with your brother." So she has twins! Caroline thought. Stella can sense that someone is eavesdropping. Caroline cleared her throat making the daughter and mother staring at her. "Anyway shall we go inside? I'll show you to the adminstration office and I'll wait inside with your daughter. How old is she by the way? I didn't catch your name." Caroline asked.

"Oh my mistake. I am Stella Diego this is my daughter Katerina Diego. I'm a singer so was is my daughter. She is 13 years old she is a genius prodigy and also were demons. So don't worry." Caroline gasped. "I thought you two were humans. My mistake." Caroline said. "My family are vampires and some are demons. My husband he is a warlock more like a dark warlock with dark magic. My family and my husband and kids are singers and actress." Stella answered. Caroline was shocked. "Do you know Katerina Petrova?" Stella sighed and nodded yes. "She is my cousin and this is her niece. From what I heard over the news in Mystic Falls that your friends killed my daughter's aunt. Apparently my husband resurrect her as a demon instead so demons live longer not getting killed. We demons do not get killed by stake or vervain or holy water the only thing we are scared to be dead by a angel sword that is long gone in England." Stella answered. Caroline nodded. "So you and your daughter are demons?" Caroline asked while walking toward the adminstrator office. "Only my daughter but I am half vampire and half demon. I don't need jewelry for me to walk around the sun." Caroline gasped and mutters, "Lucky. Anyway here we are.. I'll carry your daughter don't worry she won't be harmed." Stella nodded as she put Katerina in her care. She walked in the office and said.

"You should look for Stella Diego and Katerina Diego in your file. I'm sure I will be apprieciate if you did." The lady repeated what she said and gave her the schedule and her daughter too. Apparently she has same classes as her daughter. Once she got out she spotted a witch and two vampires talking to the blonde chick. "Caroline is that Katherina as a child?" The girl snarl. Her daughter cried. Stella quickly got out and grabbed her daughter from her. Stella glared at Caroline by sending the look you-said-that-your-friend-will-not-harm-her look with an darkly look. "Elena that isn't Katherine! She is a new girl including her mother!" Caroline said. "Oh. I'm sorry its just you look just like my enemy." Caroline send a look to Stella that she was sorry. "Mommy im thristy." Katerina asked her mother as she climbed down off her mother's arms. Caroline escort Katerina to feed even though she is a newborn demon. As for the boy with blue eyes spotted the girl staring at him and he stared back he was shocked it was his niece.

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【 Chapter Two ❤ 】

Stella can sense someone is staring at her for to long. She can also knew that this boy is her uncle she decided to ignore the Salvatore for eternity. "Do I know you? Salvatore." Stella said in poisonious tone. He flinched. Dear god can't believe i fall in love with my relatives. She thought shaking her head. As for Katerina being with Caroline for her feeding time she bumped into a girl with dark tan skin glaring at her. "Aw who are you little fella. You look delicious to drink. I'm Vicki. Who might you be?" Vicki said drawing her fangs at the child who just glared at her. "I know what you are vampire. You vampires don't scare me. I am Katerina Elizabeth Diego a demon." Katerina snarl at the teen girl who is gaping shocked. Demons are highly dangerous then vampires and originals. Of course Holy Water doesn't affect on her or her family. As a demon they suck all their souls out the human nature body that is how she can survive as for her mother Stella she suck their blood dried and take suck their soul out of their body and turn it to dust. Vicki backed away and went to the other side away from the demon child.

Stella knew that Katherine has a doppleganger is a vampire now. But she is much stronger than Damon and this girl named Elena. Within 45 minutes later, Stella and her daughter decided to compell the teachers that they don't feel good and decided to stay home and work on their new songs. Katerina knows how to operate the recording studio room at home since Stella taught her before she can make her songs. "Mommy can you record my new song that I've been working on when I was in Mr. Tanner's class." Stella nodded. They walked toward the recording room downstairs. Whenever they go downstairs the lights autotmatic once you enter the house.

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