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The Raw Challenge
Posted 3/27/15 , edited 3/28/15

lilliputian_otaku wrote:

I can more or less manage if I am watching a simple slice of life show. But even Renge-chan is still teaching me things about the Japanese language. I have a long ways to go before I can consider my Japanese passable. Still working on adjusting to hirigana and katakana as well. I am still not to the point where I can read every character fluently without translating to English first. I need to keep working on that. Kanji is also a long ways off. Japanese is an extremely complicated language.

You know what if Kanji didn't exist I might try giving Japanese a chance. I don't know how someone could remember all of those symbols without being a Japanese being there first language.

Anyway I'll try the no sub thing. I remember doing that for Danganronpa another episode when it came out and I understood what was going on at least. I didn't really know any Japanese back then besides being able to say goodbye, hello, and thank you. I've only learned a handful of words since then, but I might do a bit better than before. The only thing I've do since then is watch more subbed anime, but I hope this doesn't turn out horribly. I think I'll do Parasyte.
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When I'm cleaning or going around doing stuff, I'd usually leave a show on and just listen. I understand somewhere between 60-70% of it, just listening. If I watch it, I understand about 85-90% of what's going on.

I used to watch Alice9 Channel every month on Niconico. No subs, but I always understood most of what was happening / being said.
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Posted 3/28/15 , edited 3/28/15

AiYumega wrote:

This is a challenge I'm sure a lot will say is a bit weird, but I think it can be fun. So why not just do it once so I shut up :lol:

While doing it, ask yourself these questions.

1. How much do I understand while watching/reading/listening?
2. What is going on/being said/happening?
3. Is it harder or easier to pay attention?
4. Without subtitles, what stands out more?
5. On a scale of 1 to 10, how much did you understand?

I used Sword Art Online for this as it's my favourite anime as you said.

1. I understand the odd word. Usually everything that's in gamer terms or in English. I can piece together lines of dialogue and understand a rough idea of what they're saying. However, I only understand the whole conversation because I remember the translation. The introductions are the only things which I can understand every word of.

2. Well, I can tell that the very beginning is back story. I understand nothing but the words "mmo" and "sword art online" at that point. After that his little sister appears to announce that she's leaving the house. Kirito then logs in. After running through the market, somebody (who we later know as Klein) stops Kirito in an alleyway to ask him how to play the game - as Kirito is a beta tester. He tells him stuff (I only understood it as using the system) and congratulates Klein on beating a boar. He then tells him that the boar is about as hard as slimes usually are - ie. not very. That's as far as I watched as I need to finish my programming.

3. I found it about the same. While I was paying attention to different things, I spent as much concentration on trying to understand them as I did usually reading the subtitles.

4. The voice acting. I thought that Kirito actually sounded weird in his original dub as I'm so used to the imaginary voice I've given him in my head. While I didn't think Klein was so weird, I did notice his emotions much more than I usually do - as I usually don't put any thought at all into how emotional a character's voice is.

5. About 5. I understood what they were doing and the occasional English word. While I relied more on memory to understand what the characters were actually saying, I still did understand them. The occasional English or gamer word thrown in there made it easier to remember which line belonged to who.
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Posted 3/28/15 , edited 3/28/15
This sounds like my media literacy homework but funnier.
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Closed because OP nuked
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