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【 ᴀ ɢɪʀʟ ɪɴ ᴛʜᴇ ғᴏʀᴇsᴛ?! 】


a young girl danced around the forest as she went to a secret path where she always goes. she haunts the forest in mystic falls. this girl always music in the forest it has a piano with it. she isn't human but she is an original vampire so she has to belated to the mikaelson's family. this girl loves her mother dearly. esther loves her daughter dearly which means her mother death to her half-brother klaus killed her she been staying in the forest for eternity she had never came out of the forest ever until the salvatore and this girl katherine pierce started. she made a friend named katherine pierce. katherine pierce knew that this girl is a sibling to mikaelson but this girl has been staying in the forest for eternity. this girl was called the curse of the music forest. katherine tried bringing her out but it literally push her backed.

ᴄᴏɴᴛᴇɴᴛs ᴄʜᴀᴘᴛᴇʀs

sally mickaelson
katherine pierce
chapter one
chapter two
chapter three
chapter four
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Sally Mikaelson

19 (Vampire Age: 600) // Alived

~ is Single
~ Best Friend: Katherine ( Katy )
~ long lost love to Stefan Salvatore
~ stuck in the forest
~ loves playing the piano
~ bound to the forest
~ hates Elena Gilbert (Katy's Doppleganger)
~ wears a lapris bracelets

"I cannot escape the forest.. I've been bound in it."
~ Sally

Katherine Pierce

18 (Vampire Age: 538) // Alived

~ in Love with Stefan Salvatore and Eijah Mikaelson but loved Eijah more
~ Best Friend is Sally ( Sal )
~ Petrova Family (formerly)
~ doppleganger
~ travel witch
~ wears a lapris necklace

"I found Sally in the forest she told me she is cursed of the music forest..."
~ Katherine
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Chapter One - Mystic Falls Curse

It was already the year 2014, Katherine was still hiding away from Klaus but she sometimes visit Sally in the Mystic Falls Forest sometimes. A young boy named Jeremy Gilbert and another one was Matt Dovonan. They were walking in the forest. Until they heard a piano playing. "Did you hear that? Matt." Jeremy said as Matt nodded they follow the music toward the secret path and they spotted a young girl with white dress playing the piano. Matt accidentally stepped on the twig which made the girl frozed from playing and turn her head to the intruder. Jeremy frozed. As Matt started running away, "Ahhh!" The girl walked up to the boy as she pick up her flute on the top of the piano. She started walking toward the boy and appears in front of him. He was scared. "Hmm... Why would a boy be in my terrority?" The girl grinned evilly as Jeremy gulped in fear. He got knocked out and began to be dragged by the girl as they disappear without a trance. She brought the girl into her secret coven and til the boy's neck and bite his neck. She suck him dry. "Poor boy.... Its too bad your family won't see you again." The girl giggle and dragged the body to the mystic falls lake. And clean after herself for no evidence. She went back to her piano and started playing. Ugh i hate intruders... There better not be intruders. I just wish Katherine can find a way for me to go out. Being in the forest for eternity is so boring... Sally thought sadly.

As for Matt ran toward the Mystic Grill he just realize Jeremy didn't follow him. "Elena! I saw the girl she was scary and yes she is the curse of the forest!" Matt panted and take a drink. "Is Jeremy with you?" Elena asked. "No." Matt sighed. "Well lets go find him. What do you guys say?" Elena said to the others meaning Stefan, Damon, Caroline, Bonnie, Tyler, and Matt. They agreed. They walked in the forest and heard someone playing something. Stefan look closer it was a girl singing in a different language. "Just a while ago that girl was playing the piano." Matt whispered to Elena who nodded. Bonnie went to the creek with Matt to see if Jeremy is there until they saw his body. Unknown to them, the girl who haunts this forest was behind them. As for Caroline, Tyler, Damon, Stefan, and Elena didn't see the girl she was gone. "How did she disappear she was just right there?" Tyler asked Caroline she just shrugged. Bonnie told Matt to stay in his position as she went down to the creek to the grabbed the body. Matt shudder and turn his whole body to the girl who was grinning evilly her eyes were glowing red he gulped as his neck was snapped and dragged to her coven. "Matt I think this is Jeremy. Matt? Matt this isn't funny." Bonnie said as she turned Matt wasn't there. Sally compell the boy not to scream. She even cut the trace of blood she has on her so no wicked witch will ever find her.

Sally went back to her position she grinned evilly. How dare they come back and bring more people. She can sense 4 vampires, 1 witch, and 1 wolf. They will pay for coming to her terrority. She only accept her family and her best friend Katherine but no one else. "I warn you not to come back but noo~ You will all pay!" a femine voice sang~along with a creepy giggle which made the blonde vampire shudder. Damon just shudder and sense someone was behind him once he turn he met a scary girl with glowing red but his neck was snapped and thrown against the tree. She knew that these vampires, wolfy, and the wicked witch are going seperatedly. She spotted this boy's ring and took it off and left smirking and went back to her coven and place the ring on vervain cage. She is vervain-proof so it means she can touch anything that is vervain. But the others who is a type of vampire like her can't. As the boy who got this neck snapped, the blonde chick found him. "Damon are you okay?" The boy groaned. "I just met the girl face to face. She even snapped my neck. She is really strong." Damon groaned and realize that his ring isn't here. "Elena help!" Caroline shouted as two vampires dash to Caroline and was shocked to see Damon in this position. Stefan glance at his brother and notice his ring was gone. "Damon who took your ring?" Elena asked. Stefan notice the girl far distance he is going to find out why. The girl walked away. Stefan told Caroline that he is going to find out. Caroline nodded and stayed with Elena and Damon for his recover.

Sally giggles as her lost lover tries to get her. The wolf boy jumped on her but she did something extrondinary she hit his pressure points and dragged him into her coven again and suck all his blood and watches him dry and toss the wolf boy in the creek including this boy named Matt as well it landed on the witch from far distance. Bonnie groaned someone toss a body onto her. "Matt? Tyler? Jeremy? No!" Bonnie cried for Jeremy. What will she say to her best friend Elena about this or Caroline. Bonnie sense a vampire away from here but it was cutted off and she was faced to her. Bonnie gasped. It can't be! Bonnie thought shockingly. Sally was shocked. "Sally?" "Bonnie?" "You did this!" "I warn your boyfriend not to come here. Its a curse. Once you get to my side he or she will die with no mercy." Sally said to Bonnie. "If you want I can suck your blood dried and take away your powers." Sally added dangerously. Bonnie was scared now. What happen to the old Sally I use to know before I move to Mystic Falls. Bonnie thought she was hurt until she was compelled by her as Sally drank all her blood out of her body and took away her powers as it sucks all the way in the secret jar. Sally left. I'm so sorry Bonnie. I didn't have a choice. Sally thought sadly. She cleaned herself up. She then picked up the bodies and throw it where she throw Stefan's brother is at. She can hear two screams and one was crying.

Caroline saw something flew and landed next to Damon and she scream as Elena cries as Stefan hugged her for comfort. It reveals to be Tyler Lockwood, Matt Donovan, Jeremy Gilbert, and Bonnie Bennett. As Sally put the Bennett's magic book in her library so she can give it to Katherine or Klaus. Yes she works with her half-brother and her best friend. She walked from her window as four vampires walked out of the forest as she quicly put the barrier around her forest.

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Chapter Two - Funerals

After the funeral, Elena was the only who is still survive but her aunt and her brother are dead. Tyler's mother and Matt's parents came they were crying. Stefan notice the girl in the forest with regret look and left as she vanish. So she did this to them. Stefan growls softly and went after her for some questions. Stefan grabbed the girl's wrist he frozed it was his lost lover Sally Mikaelson. "Hello Stefan..." Sally said and snatch her wrist away from this gripped. Stefan notice she is indeed strong. "The curse has just begun. Once you enter my forest he or she will die no mercy. Meaning I cannot control my hunger." Sally mutters and disappear at his sight. Stefan was definately hurt. He wanted to help but everytime he tried to go in it pushed him.

As for Elena she couldn't stay in her house so she stayed with the Salvatore. She decided to sell her house she couldn't live there anymore. The mother of Tyler and Matt they decided to investagate the accident but they haven't came back home. Tyler's mother went missing so did Matt's parents went missing. It was cause of the curse of the forest. Sally just dumped all the bodies to the creek and left. She send the book of the Bennetts to Klaus. Klaus felt guilty for leaving his half-sister in the her own curse. Elena haven't came out of her room in the Salvatore's house. As for Caroline she stayed with Damon. As Damon and Stefan were discussing about Sally in the forest. Outside of the Salvatore's house far away so the girls won't hear it. "So your saying that our Sally is the curse of the forest. Stefan." Damon said as Stefan nodded. "She only accept Katherine and the Mikaelsons." Stefan added. Damon groaned. "So we have to get Katherine here too." Stefan nodded again.

-3 hours later...-

Katherine decided to visit Sally again and notice blood trails and saw dead bodies in the creek. Wow I never knew she could suck the bennett dried. She thought as she went into Sally's coven. "You got the moonstone and why do you have the Bennett's book?" Katherine asked. "Here you can keep the moonstone. I was going to give the book to my maniac brother Klaus." Sally said. "After all we already know his plan was to kill the witch and the other one was your doppleganger. yet i do not know how to kill her when she is sticking with the Salvatore's brothers all for eternity." Sally said annoying Katherine do agree this.

"Don't worry Sal, I have a plan but right now I'm sensing Damon and Stefan coming here. Have you contact your sibling yet?" Katherine said and questioned to Sally who nodded no. Katherine sighed she feels bad for her. "How's your feeding doing?" Katherine asked. "Its alright for now. Just ran toward pack of wolves and decided to kill them." Sally said.
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