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~ Twilight & The Vampire Diaries Fanfic ~
Luna Hale Cullen & Stefan Salvatore


The Cullens and The Salvatores are allies one day, Carsile decided to tell his adopted daughter Rosalie to bring her 19 year old daughter named Luna Hale to a ball of the Salvatores. In the ball, there was Katherine Pierce, Stefan Salvatore, and Damon Salvatore dancing like the usual time. Until Stefan and Damon's father decided to call for his friends to come up. Katherine Pierce never heard of a Cold Ones Vampire Type before. Katherine loves Damon. Stefan falls in love with a blonde girl with her mother and the Cullens.


At the ball of the Lockwood, Stefan started to fall in love with Luna Hale Cullen. Apparently Luna isn't use to guys falling in love with her first. She is the daughter of Emmett Cullen and Rosalie Hale yes she is a Cold Ones Vampire. She started to aging when she was a born a very quick way. But when they both fall in love with each other and Stefan decided to marry her as he told his father about it. The Cullens aren't like the Night Walkers who can't stand the vervain but for them they aren't. Luna is use to vervain drinks. She haven't drank human blood for decades she feed her own blood to Stefan. But her mother went to pick her up last night. Luna was sad so she decided to give him her necklace it only appears to him to see but no one else except for witches but this necklace she has one has anti-spell barrier around it. Luna knock in Katherine's room as she opens the door seeing Luna sad. She gave her a necklace and waves bye. That day she was gone back to Forks.

contents chapters

Luna Hale Cullen
Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three
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Luna Hale Cullen

8 year old - Luna Hale Cullen
19 year old - Luna Hale Cullen

About Luna

Full Name: Luna Rosalia Cullen
Age: 19 (Vampire Age: 600)
Race: Human (formerly), Vampire (currently)

About Luna's Family

Mother: Rosalie Hale
Father: Emmett Cullen
Grandfather: Carisle Cullen
Grandmother: Esme Cullen
Aunt: Alice Cullen
Aunt: Bella Swan Cullen
Uncle: Jasper Cullen
Uncle: Edward Cullen
Cousin: Renemsee Cullen (Best Friends)
Paternal Ancestor: Katerina Petrova (Elena's Doppleganger/2nd Best Friend), Tatia Petrova (decreased), Isabella Petrova (decreased)
Paternal Aunt: Nadia Petrova (Katerina's Daughter) / Decreased

About Luna's Victims

Female ~ Age 18: Katerina Petrova/Katherine Pierce (she became a Night Walker instead)

About Luna's Interest

Love Interest: Stefan Salvatore
Likes: to know a history of the Petrova's family, her ancestor Katerina
Dislikes: Night Walker Vampire, Damon Salvatore, Lockwoods Family, Elena Gilbert, Gilbert Family.
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Chapter One - In Forks Washington Deliver Message!

Luna went hunting with her dad, uncle Jasper, and Aunt Alice while her mother is helping with her grandma. Luna jump onto the bear and bite the bear and suck its blood as her father watches her with uncle Jasper, and Aunt Alice. Aunt Alice watches that poor bear being eaten by that hungry Luna. "Alright that's enough." Alice said firmly. Luna nodded and took her fangs off and heals the bear as it limps back to the bear home. I'm sorry bear. i didn't mean to suck your blood. I haven't drank for decades. She telepathy to the bear who nodded. She telekinesis with animals. She is soft with animals but she hated werewolfs. But she loves hanging out with Jake and Grandpa Bill, and Grandpa Charlie including the packs.

"Let's go back now, Luna..." Her daddy said. Luna nodded as her daddy is leading her back home while aunt Alice and Uncle Jasper follow behind like the usual to keep me protections. She misses her soulmate and decided to write a letter to him and her best friend Katerina. Luna begged Aunt Alice to find her soulmate and her best friend Katerina. So Aunt Alice and Uncle Jasper went with Luna to deliver her message to them apparently she found Katerina first then Stefan. "Katy~!" Luna said happily as Katherine turned and gasped. "Lulu~! Is this for me. Thank you! Be careful." Katherine said and hugged Luna dearly like a sister to her. Luna nodded and waved and went to find her soul mate and apparently found him. "Stef~!!!" Stefan her soulmate turned around and looked shocked. "Luna?" Stefan said and hugged her romanticly. "I'm just giving you this since I have no idea where you are staying. My mama will be mad if I left the house with no note." Stefan sighed and kisses her forehead. "Alright. We will meet again." Luna nodded. Unknown to her the Mikaelsons Sibling Klaus and Rebekah notice this girl is the Cold Ones Vampires with two protections with her so they took two steps back. Klaus knew that The Cold Ones and the Night Walkers doesn't get along very well cause of their leader doesn't like each other but other than that they tried to get along. Rebekah always wanted to a power to see the future someday. Luna notice someone was staring at her and glanced at the Mikaelsons Sibling. "It's a pleasure to meet you Rebekah Mikaelson and Niklaus Mikaelson. Don't worry I just read your minds~ I'm Luna Hale Cullen." Luna said happily and shook their hands of course they felt it her hands are cold cause she is the cold ones. Rebekah was shocked that this girl has mind reading powers. "Luna its time to go before your mother started shouting." Luna nodded and waved and then dash out like a wolf.
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