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Posted 3/29/15 , edited 4/11/15
The Rules and Guide Lines of the Group


PLEASE ASK Syphl , Imagination-Enigma and Blitzscythe BEFORE THE CREATION OF ANY NEW FORUMS.

The max character limit of this group is 3
the limit on side characters is not specified but should be kept at a reasonable amount

First things first: This is a Story Writing Group where we write in 3rd person narrative. The rules are pretty simple and all we ask is that you follow them on a basic level; don't try to find loop holes or anything that might break the story for other people. Don't expect to join this group and get responses within minutes of your post either, as it could be a day or two. This group is about creating a good story and we expect our members to be DEDICATED to our group. That involves getting to know the other members, brain storming ideas in the discussion forum and checking in on the group regularly. We also expect our members to be MATURE about things. If you are not sure about something, you can either message me (Imagination-Enigma) or one of our listed moderators.

#1 - Create a character in the forum "Character Creation" and follow the template. Once your character has been made, message a moderator or the creator saying you have completed your character and wait patiently for your character to be placed into the "Approved Characters" forum. Once it is, have fun writing.

#2 - NO GOD MODDING! OR BEING CHEAP OR KILLING OTHER PEOPLE'S CHARACTERS WITHOUT THEIR PERMISSION! These should be obvious, but just in case, I have put them in pretty large red letters for you.

#3 - Okay, people, we are all Mature Writers here... right? So how about language and intimate content? It shouldn't be much of a problem, throwing in some hot romantic scenes and a few cuss words here and there can really bring out the emotions in a story, but PLEASE keep in mind that being pornographic or using too many words within a short period of time can be VERY UNTASTEFUL so I STRONGLY recommend that you DON'T DO IT.

#4 - DO NOT, and I will repeat, DO NOT add extra forums because you apparently NEED it for your story; talk to a Mod AND the creator about adding another forum, or post your idea for a new forum in discussion forum.

#5 - RESPECT your fellow writers, do NOT act unfairly towards other writers' characters and DO NOT put down other writers' characters just to make your character look better, as it is really no fun for anybody.

#6 - This group does in fact allow you to write for other peoples characters, but that does not mean you can abuse this privilege (see rule 5). Writers, if you think another writer got your character wrong, talk to the other writer about possibly changing it. If the writer refuses, you still want it changed and you have a reason why it needs to be changed, tell a Mod or the Creator: we will change it for you. For those who join and don't want their character written for by others... I'm sorry, either get used to it or realize that maybe this just isn't the group for you.

#7 - DISCUSS STUFF, especially important character interaction points. An example of this would be a fight scene between two characters. DISCUSS STUFF!

#8 - If someone leaves this group, their characters become 'Free Characters'. This means that anybody can use them as they want UNLESS that person appoints his or her characters to someone in the group.

#9 - We write in the world of FANTASY, but please try to write logically and don't go all high tech on us; try to keep it pretty low tech, as this is a low tech world (wooden ships, swords, and such) If you are wondering, "Are there exceptions?", the answer is, "Sure... but I don't want to see a character cruising the country side in a jeep with chain guns and a rocket launcher as his weapons...."

#10 - If you are going to write with another writer's character, do research on their character (Approved Characters Forum) and expect the other writers to do the same for you.

#11- Massive recreations/revamps of a character that has already been approved are NOT allowed. There are exceptions for instance if your character has a very good reason for such a huge change in powers, or appearance or other things that has to do with there story then the change MIGHT be allowed but this will not always be the case so please keep this in mind. Characters will be updated every four months to incorporate the changes occurring in the story to the character sheets.

#12 - Last but not least, the writers of Re-awakening would like to let you know that along with having tons of fun, we take our stories seriously, so please... don't join if you're not going to have fun writing with us and our rules.
Welcome to the family and happy writing. ^-^
Thanks to Imagination-enigma for the rules.
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