How to get your book turn into manga?
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Posted 3/29/15
Hey guys, my name is B.A Thomson and I am a American writer who writes anime stories and I just finish publishing my first novel on Amazon. The problem is even though I love writing in my novel format I believe my stories can really shine in a manga vice a novel. I have a illustrator who does the covers for me but of course since I'm new to this kind of business, I can only afford to pay for cover art. Please take a read of the story, I really would like to have this and my future stories made as fully illustrated manga. I'm open to advice and criticism. I would love to hear from anyone with suggestions on how to best make this happen.

Link below of my book if anybody what's to purchase it.
Posted 3/29/15
Don't know about Manga, but would you consider Graphic Novels in the west? Best advice I could offer you is to search out companies or artists to read your book to see if it would make good material. I am going to suggest this just once, due to my inexperience on the subject, but perhaps reddit would be helpful into getting the word out?
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Posted 1/21/17
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