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Come join us in the fight against the sleep! The Sleepless Army
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The year is 2035, approximately 5 years ago the people of our city started falling into a deep sleep without waking up. They were in a coma like state, but they would not die, neither did they ever eat or drink to stay functioning. The regional governments tried to figure out the problem to no avail. Slowly the world seemed to fall into this strange sleep epidemic. With no cure being found chaos broke out and cities were destroyed. For many nights there were fights and riots all over leaving the air was filled with screams. Slowly the rioting ceased, the screaming muted, and then there was nothing but silence. Everyone soon succumbed to the sleep; cities fell apart with no maintenance, everything that man built soon decayed to rubble. However, there were some individuals who were able to resist the sleep through sheer willpower. One person though decided to seek out and gather these select few who resisted and built the Sleepless Army. Now we stand together and fight our oppressors. The sleep is not our only worry anymore, instead the things that have caused the sleep are our worst nightmare.

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