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Post Reply How do you visualize what happens in a book as you read?
Posted 4/4/15
What I visualize is all really vague especially if the atmosphere isn't described, I tend to just imagine what would fit the story best, with the characters again a vague image of the person with the descriptions given. However if things are described like the surroundings then I just picture images of that and try to piece them together with the characters and also when I get a feel for the characters personalities I imagine the body language that they would exhibit and how they would go about moving in general. I just realized when I read I'm quite imaginative which is weird since I tend to be such a analytical person.

Between writting and reading I am very fond of writing it gets me focused and calm but I barely started to write and need to learn about alot about grammer, spelling and literary terms ect... since in school I neglected it severely. So reading would be my favorite at the moment.

At the moment I've been only reading light novels like Oregairu.
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Posted 4/4/15
My imagination can really vary sometimes. It'll either be in my current setting, a place in a movie, perhaps an animated scene. I just let my brain do it's thing.
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