Spice & Wolf- A rant from a light novel reader
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Posted 4/1/15
I've read my fair share of volumes for Spice & Wolf, and I figured I would finally watch the anime and see how good it is. Holy balls, its fucking terrible. The whole anime rewrote Spice & Wolf story almost, omitted great events that happened, and rewrote and in some cases, gave a character a sex change and a role of which they never had in the light novel. They essentially jam packed a whole bunch of drama in the anime that was nowhere to be found in the light novels.

For instance, Lawrence was never trembling in fear when Holo transforms herself. Rather the emotions he feels are that of surprise and bewilderment. In the anime, he curls up into a ball and shakes in fear, which does not happen. For drama! Chloe never existed in the light novels. The character she replaced was Yarei who Lawrence barely even spoke to, and thanks to Yarei turning into Chloe, one of the best dialogue exchanges that happen in volume 1 was omitted. (Right after Holo transforms for the first time.)

5/10 such a shitty adaption so far that does no justice to the light novels and is not faithful. I have come to the realization that animes adapted from light novels will always be shit. There is only 1 exception so far, and that is A Certain Scientific Index.
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Posted 4/1/15
Looks like an accidental dupe of http://www.crunchyroll.com/forumtopic-894957/spice-wolf-a-rant-from-a-light-novel-reader
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