Temp/Corporate Jobs and the "Red Tape" / "It's HQs Fault BCUZ NUMBERZ N STUFF"
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Posted 4/1/15 , edited 4/2/15
What the fuck is it?

See if you guys follow my reasoning here....or maybe just agree with my general thought....or call me names and such like you sometimes do. >.;>......and perhaps it is deservedededed. Who knows. :D

Almost at any job I've had:

*people all "in secret" trash the fuck out of each other -- the way it comes off FIRST THING is that EVERYONE ELSE is fucking crazy or stupid or out to get you. Which may be the case.

*that blame it on "corporate/HQ" because they only see numbers. And yes they do, really....but my most recent job has downright shocked me in lack of quality over said numbers and just simple stupid improvements that could be made. If you bring up how fucking simple it would be to solve a huge problem it's like no...CUZ DUUUH NUMBERS AND THESE PEOPLE AND STUFF

*I'm sure they pay OUTRAGOUS amounts of money to a certian kind of person or company to improve those numbers that have no idea really what the job IS and HOW to do it somehow have ultimate control over the whole thing.

Just....maybe it's just me guys but it looks like they need a chef ramsay in there. D:

I've been there 3 days only and so many issues are so obviously easy to fix but for some reason it's impossible

WTF yo.....D:

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Posted 4/2/15 , edited 4/2/15
I think i get what your saying.

If you work in a corporate environment, its always about the numbers. That is to say, the bottom line and profits. People at the top arent really interested in making your job easier. Things were done a specific way before you were there, and will likely be done the same way after you leave.

What you need to do is show how making some simple changes could increase both productivity and profits before anyones ears will perk up and listen. Even then, depending on your particular environment, you have to go through the proper channels, and up the ladder, otherwise your immediate manager/supervisor may likely take it as you trying to oust them out of their position and take their job.

My 2 cents
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Posted 4/4/15 , edited 4/4/15
There will always be haters and all that jazz. Regulars hate temps because they eat into their hours. Temps hate regulars because they treat them like shit. Companies are afraid of hiring lots of people because of maximizing profits and unions who fight for the regular employees. It's basically set up to where the rich get richer.
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