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New Student in Whitmore College!

A young korean girl decided to go to college in Virigina that is near Mystic Falls. Since her parents decided for her to do it and she did but she also makes friends like Coraline, Bonnie, and Elena. Hyunhee thinks that they are hiding something. She doesn't wear rings when it comes to sun she was born as a vampire she is like the one from the Gates series. But this is isn't a crossover just how she looks like. When Hyunhee makes friends with Coraline she decided to feel welcome. In computers she learns how to hack and she can make her own school or roleplay sites. It was when Elena's ex-boyfriend Stefan shows up just for some help about a barrier something. It doesn't affect her when she goes through the anti-barrier. What happens if Hyunhee Kim Shin falls in love first sight with Stefan Salvatore. The main problem is her english is lacking a bit.


  • Arriving in Whitmore College
  • Dropping in to her dormroom mates
  • Viewing Schedule (not a chapter)
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    Arriving in Whitmore College

    Afterall she is a vampire so she sped off to Whitmore College, Virignia from Seoul, Korea. Plus she can jump far distance. Once she change into a vampire her fangs grew out of her mouth and her eyes changes to red she drink from both human flesh blood and the other one is animal blood. Before she came to Virginia she learns taekwondo, judo, kendo, and kung fu classes at her old school so she is self-denfensed. She never like when people suck her blood.
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