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Can I do this in a liberal state?
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Posted 4/2/15

silversongwriter wrote:

Even if I were transgendered.... The owner should be free to decide whether I can use the female rest room or not... Or to let me in period. Post or pre op, makes no difference.

I don't care where gays and lesbians change. The idea you just brought up kind of disgusts me and makes me not wanna go to the gym, but I have no right to tell them where to go... Unless the owner decides to not allow gays which I say go ahead, since baring gays from a gym is impossible with or without the legal right.
Since sexual orientation discrimination is impossible.... We don't need laws against something that's non-existent or self brought on... I guess you can discriminate against the one gay guy who announces his sexuality at every establishment he goes to in order to see if he'd get discriminated against.

I'm not responsible for what disgusts you. And i'm surprised you'd support a store owner's 'right' to demand people drop their shorts so he can examine their junk before allowing them to use a particular washroom. Makes me glad I don't live where you do.
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Posted 4/2/15
Okay, folks, decided to close this down. There are lots of places to discuss these sorts of topics elsewhere, but the very OP on this was already on shaky ground for CR. If you wish to carry on, please feel free to use PMs.
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