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They've worked hard for the right to play in the Winter Cup, they've fought their way through the tournament itself, but only one team of the Generation of Miracles is left! Kuroko's Basketball returns, and Seirin are ready for their toughest game yet--along with the story of the Generation of Miracles itself!

Sports anime fans Eclipsed_Oblivion and Dingofist took to the court to talk about the latest season of Kuroko's Basketball! Check out their thoughts below!

by Eclipsed_Oblivion

Get ready for another season of buzzer beaters, impossible moves, and bright hair colours! The Generation of Miracles are back for a third season of Kuroko’s Basketball, and they’re playing (and crying) harder than ever. As they approach the end of Winter Cup, the heightened stakes have never been more obvious; the matches are loaded with more Dragon Ball Z-esque abilities, mind-blowing plays, and an overwhelming desire for victory. There is also a new, despicable villain to enliven the matches that don’t pit the Generation of Miracles against each other, and his backstory is well-integrated with the other characters to make his existence feel worthwhile. This, along with more revealed about enigmatic characters and their relationships with each other, generates the continuous character development weaved throughout the matches, making them not just thrilling to watch, but emotional parts of the story.

As thrilling as Kuroko’s Basketball’s is, it does continue to have problems with pacing; the second season ended partway through the Winter Cup storyline, forcing season three to fit in awkwardly placed recaps. The series also spends what feels like eons on slow-mo shots and stills of shocked faces, though they at least create moments of suspense between the fast-paced action. The action on the court often consists of over-the-top, potentially eye roll-inducing abilities, yet it is these abilities that set Kuroko’s Basketball apart from other sports anime. The series ignores barriers in actual basketball, instead including flashy moves — they create literal streaks of light — as well as technically impossible or even illegal move sets. Permitting that, this season of Kuroko’s Basketball is full of visually appealing, enthralling matches and well-developed characters that make the series accessible to even those wary of the sports genre, and it is also more of exactly what fans have been waiting for.


by Dingofist

In what's become a bit of an ongoing trend for me, I was not caught up on Kuroko's Basketball when season 3 began to air. In fact, I'd not watched a single episode. What a fool I'd been. As a huge fan of Slam Dunk, I turned my nose up to Kuroko and his silly blue hair, ignorantly passing it off as a lesser basketball series for fangirls who want to watch pretty boys shoot hoops. Again: what a fool I'd been. I sat down to begin Season 3 and was so enthralled by the over-the-top basketball action and delightfully hammy dialogue that I could not go further. I had to go back. I must see it all, consume it all.

And so I did. I blew through the fifty previous episodes of Kuroko's Basketball and on into season 3 as if my life depended on it, and the ludicrous performances from every principle character never once ceased to shock and amaze me. If you're like me and haven't given this show a try until now, go ahead and jump right in at season 3. There's enough flashing back to show you exactly what this show is about without really giving away too much, and the wonderfully animated basketball battles are on full display almost immediately.

It's a great time of the year to be a basketball fan, and a new season of Kuroko only adds to the joys of March Madness and the upcoming NBA playoffs. So if you like basketball, or even battle anime very thinly veiled with basketball, I'm begging you to try this show out. The premise is irresistible and the action nonstop.
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I was missing this one

I am very happy with Kuroko's Basketball returns . Let's Play.
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