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Chapter 1- Under the Sakura tree
The bright sun beamed over the streets of Akihabara. Posters of anime characters decorated the buildings. The smell of crepes drifted across the air. Buses drove down the road with idol posters on the side and music blurting out. Standing outside Akihabara station was a young, baby faced 158 cm tall cute Japanese girl with flawless pale skin, pure white hair with loosed curls which reached her waist, a full fringe covered her forehead. Her makeup consisted of pale pink eye-shadow with a thin layer of black eyeliner along the top of her eyes and liquid white eyeliner was along the bottom of her eyes. Her eyes were pink descending into purple. Her outfit consisted of a short sleeved pink and white seifuku, pastel pink and white stripped over the knee socks and pink short sneakers.Her hair was tied up into hair twin tails. A pair of white cat ears was on her head. A BTSSB bunny bear bag was on her back. A pair of pink swimmer headphones covered in candy prints covered her ears, quietly playing a Kpop song, the wire going into the pocket of her skirt, while she was opening a pale green Gachapon capsule. "Kuro-" a voice called from right behind her, causing her to jump. She quickly pulled the headphones down around her neck. Standing next to her was a 162 cm tall Japanese girl with shoulder length black hair tied up in a side ponytail. Her outfit consisted of a school uniform consisting of a green and black tartan pleated skirt, a short sleeved buttoned up shirt with the top four buttons undone, a loose tie matching her skirt, short white socks and black sneakers. A purple high school bag in her hands. "Miho!" Kuro beamed, linking arms with her. Miho smiled as she started punching on a red bean Taiyaki. "Another Gachapon?" Miho asked, noticing the capsule. "Yep," Kuro nodded, pulling out the Love Live Nico badge which was inside. Miho smiled as she swung her bag over her shoulder. "Your uniform and other bag are going to be covered if you keep buying Gachapon every day," Miho reminded. "But they're only 200 yen," Kuro smiled, clipping the badge onto the center of the bow hanging down on her seifuku. Kuro held her arms out at the side slightly as she walked along the line painted in the path. A small paper lantern looking spirit with legs and and eye in the center jumped out of the tree before running past Kuro and Miho, glancing up at Kuro. "The spirits have been acting more weird lately," Kuro mumbled. "You can still see them?" Miho asked, watching Kuro nod. A cherry blossom drifted down, landing on Kuro's hand. "Maybe theirs a strange encounter or new start waiting?" Miho suggested, taking the last bite out of the Taiyaki. "Maybe," Kuro smiled. On the fifth floor of the eight story Donki Hote shopping building, was a maid cafe.The outfits of the maids consisted of a short puffy maid styled dress with an pinafore covering most of the dress which had bows on-top of the pockets. A large bow was on the back. "Morning," a tall Japanese girl dressed in the maid uniform, with shoulder length straight black hair ,greeted as Kuro and Miho walked out of the changing rooms both wearing a maids uniform. "Good morning," Kuro smiled. "Morning Rie," Miho yawned, placing a pair of cat ears on her head. "Did you stay up all night playing video games?" Rie guessed. "Maybe," Miho responded. The electric front doors opened. "Ah, Sayomi-san, its your turn," Rie added. "Okay," Kuro beamed before going over to the door. A couple of hours later.

"You're seriously weak," the demon responded, kicking her to the side.

cute 175 cm tall Korean boy with short black hair and dark grey eyes.

His eyes glowed cherry red
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