Post Reply ROKU 3 Keeps timing out again, all other non CR services fine.
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Posted 4/4/15
Hi with good network speeds and other services like Netflix or Hulu working great, CR keeps timing out and hanging. This happened for over a week after the DOS attack around the first of the year, and not it's back for Easter Weekend. You should consider putting the same resolution options so they can be set manually with the ROKU application. This might help, I'm half wondering if the ROKU 3 connects to 1080 P every time it can, maybe a lesser 480 P or even below would allow broadcast if your servers are lagging. Make no mistake about it, it's you, not my connection, not ROKU acting up etc. I can tell by the several other services that still work fine. If it's just about holiday traffic get some more servers don't throttle down us ROKU users. There is a problem, please solve it CR!
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Posted 4/4/15 , edited 4/4/15
While I haven't tested this, I was going to hop on some time soon, so +1 :)

On a side note, if roku ver of CR operates like android, then it auto-scales quality. It will try 1080, but dumb down res based on net speed, then raise it back up as it improves. As to it being CR, I've seen that before, throttling on the other hand, not so much.
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