Most offensive show or movie ever made
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Posted 4/4/15 , edited 4/5/15
I just seen something sick.. South Park

They had a history of being offensive. However, they crossed the line... This was the most sickening, insulting, and offensive thing I have ever seen in media. This is ca
use for out rage.

I used to hate censorship, but disgusting,bigoted, and violent hateful mess like this has no place in American society. Matt Stone and Trey Parker deserve to be punished for this.

{spoiler}] They had the nerve, the gall, the audacity to insult Jimmy Buffet. How day they say such things. Jimmy Buffet is one of the greatest musicians in human history. Nobody insults Jimmy Buffets music. That's the reason Kyle and Cartman got aids. It was punishment for not liking Jimmy Buffet. This episode will give people aids by turning them away from Jimmy Buffet.
That was sick... I've never seen anything so offensive in all my life
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