Looking for an MMO
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Posted 4/7/15
Whats some good ones?

Runescape still fun?
Posted 4/8/15
What do you want in a game?
Posted 4/8/15
Guild Wars2
EOS - Apparently it's an open beta free to play,

All of these are RPG based I don't really know too many non Rpg based ones

Plenty of freemium web based browser types out there too but I don't get into those usually.
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Posted 4/9/15
Archeage is pretty fun
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Posted 4/9/15
Lot of MMOs out there, but finding a decent one is hard, especially in the world of free-to-play and pay-to-win.

Dungeon Fighter Online is decent. You level fast, and there is a lot of classes to choose from and a lot of character slots to make new ones.

Path of Exile was fun for me. Around five or six classes to pick with multiple slots. The economy is a bit out of whack though.

Play World of Warcraft if you prefer to have your soul sucked out of you.

I heard The Elder Scrolls Online is a good MMO to play, and they removed subscriptions a while ago too.

Runescape is fun, especially on the 2007 servers, but you gotta pay to get full access.

ArcheAge isn't bad, but it suffers the same deal with Runescape. Gotta pay to be a "member", AKA premium.

Sword Art Online is a game to die for.
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Posted 4/10/15
FFXIV ARR is probably the best one going at the moment as far as fun and decent new content. They are also releasing an expansion pack in a couple of months with all sorts of new things. There is a free trial on offer if you want to try the game. It's subscription but i think sub games are the way to go. I've yet to find an MMO which is F2P and actually fair. They try to rip you off in other ways and people can pay to have big advantages over free players.

ArcheAge and Wildstar are pretty recent ones but i find them both heavily overrated and despite the hype before they came out a lot of people are dropping them. WoW still has a big following and a constant flow of content though it's an old game.
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Posted 4/10/15
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Posted 1/21/17
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