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Posted 4/8/15 , edited 4/8/15
Personally, I have a few things that make my stories easilly recognizable.

1. Either literal or full on symbolism. I don't really have much subtle, simple symbolism in a literal narrative. I generally will either not use symbolism,or do a full on "ikuhara" type piece.
2. Lesbians. And let me say. it's not like Ikuhara, where he incorporates social commentary. I only write so many lesbians cause I'm a pervert
3. Drug trips/dreams. I enjoy writing creative dreams or hallucinations. Many of them are based off drug experiances I've had.
4. Something controversial. I like to put one thing in each of my stories that could shock someone. One of those things is a character turning straight.... Think about it. I could depict any other sexual minority without much backlash, but to have a character who identifies as ex-gay, the very idea offends. What other minority group is so despised that the mention of their existence is enough to be offensive. It's especially shocking sense they're pretty much non-existent in the media. Name a character like that... You can't can you?
5. 1st person narratives. I just find 3rd person to not be as exciting. I wanna get
6. I rarely have happy endings. I generally have very dark and tragic outcomes, I'm starting to work on that though and have more ideas for more possitive shows
7. Most of my female characters are high school/college age, unless they're children.
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Posted 4/8/15 , edited 4/8/15
1. There's always someone who has an unsolvable problem, usually I use this in a humorous way.
2. Jokes that revolve and are finished five minutes after they begin
3. Character that is blissfully unaware of how rough the situation is
4. Young people that are smarter than adults in certain moments
5. Characters that are surprisingly self-aware of their own flaws, but do nothing to improve themselves
6. Intricate wordings to explain simple concepts
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Posted 4/12/15 , edited 4/13/15
1. Introduction always begins with foreshadowing something ahead.
2. Descriptive, I'll take a whole paragraph to describe a character or even a tiny room that won't mean much to the story.
3. Story begins with one character to explain the setting and basic information.
4. Many of my stories revolve around the world of deception, whether it be politics, or simple lying to get out of an awkward situation.
5. I never write a light hearted story. Never.
6. Someone will die, usually a character I describe in great detail and that the reader usually loves. I follow the words "Great people don't always die great deaths.
6. Complicated writing with big words.
7. My stories are full of references to other stories.
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Posted 4/13/15 , edited 4/13/15
1. My comparisons tend to be colorful/fresh. I hate cliches. They are boring and weaken your writing. This is something that all serious writers need to be aware of.

2. I try to say what I mean in the simplest, clearest way possible.

3. When I'm not going for a singular interpretation of something, my writing tends to be open for interpretation. There is usually some wordplay and some way in which the synonyms of the words can mean different things in the same phrase. I enjoy tinkering with the "word feel" and find just as much value in it as the actual definition of the words.

4. I enjoy things that are dark, scary, sad, controversial. I write accordingly.

5. I am a terrible story writer so I tend to write poems. My degree was in poetry, actually, so this isn't surprising. My preference is prose poetry.

6. I do not believe in sacrificing meaning solely for the sake of rhythm. It's not worth it and makes the writing tacky/cheap.

7. I try to not use the same word too often. If I'm having problems, I'll resort to using synonyms.

8. I'm more traditional in that my topics of choice do not include modern trends like gender conflict, modern technology, etc.

9. I write more about the past than about the future.

10. Most prose poems I write are in the first person POV. I give the reader no indication of the gender of the narrator but I usually write from my own perspective.
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Posted 4/21/15 , edited 4/21/15
1. People with insanity. Hallucinations, violent urges, I like them all.
2. Violence. Likely with guns or household objects.
3. "I". I love writing as the main character, not about them.
4. Little dialogue, plenty of thought processes.
5. I like simpler words so that all can understand my works, when possible.
Edit: forgot one
6. Revenge fantasies. Usually get fulfilled.
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Posted 4/21/15 , edited 4/22/15
1. Symbolism, especially related to religion. I am an atheist myself so...
2. Surreal, hazy descriptions, pretty much the writing equivalent of a Shaft anime.
3. Tragic villains, or ones who have very good motivations for doing what they're doing. I don't believe anyone can really be irredeemably evil, so I try to incorporate this.
4. Setting in the real world, or at least trying to link it to the real world.
5. Swords, especially dripping blood or pointing at throats.
6. At least one yaoi crush or pairing. This is more of a personal preference for me as when I'm looking at anime I like to check out the pretty boys just as much as the girls.
7. Clear sense of morals for every character. For example, if our hero is defined as a nice, caring person, he wouldn't go out of his way to intentionally humiliate a defeated villain, even if said villain deserved it. At the very least, if it happens there will be a good reason for it or he will be called out for it later on.
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