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I'm looking for a breath taking anime, any help?
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Posted 4/9/15
Inuyasha the Final Act(if you haven't yet, slap yourself, then watch this be all, end all of endings.

Kemono no souja erin(greatest drama anime ever made, nothing comes even close to this, CR has is).
Here's a overview/review for it:

I 2nd Clannad+Clannad After Story(doesn't even hold a candle to Kemono no souja erin, but definitely sounds like It's right up your alley)

Hanasakeru Seishounen(CR has this too. Don't let the reverse Harem tag scare you, there's no drama queen crap in this anime, It's a serious romance/Drama)

Kingdom(The greatest war/drama ever made byfay, also this anime is one of the top two anime with the best character development in anime history(boy I hope season 3 gets made)

The Twelve Kingdoms(strongest world building aspect in general, nevermind just in anime. It also does so, by having multiple MCs, and main stories, so I'm sure you'll love this)

Ranma 1/2(greatest comedy ever made)

GTO(this is a pretty awesome comedy as well. Imagine if John Candy made a anime, this is it down to the letter lol)

The Legend of Condor Hero(This is the only anime with a romce aspect that can compete with Inuyasha, It's that strong/great. It even has It's fair share of tragedy as well)

There's a very high quality, and unique adventure anime out there, but doesn't have much in the way of Comedy or action, but if you're looking for a Indiana Jones style adventure, It's great

The Mysterious Cities of Gold(It's ancient, but omg you have no idea, don't let that scare you. It has the best animation ever done, perior, and for being what probally is the very first story driven anime/probally animated series in general, in history, wow It's great.

Detective Academy Q is a great anime, if you're looking for a mystery anime

Saiunkoku Monogatari(This is a great historical drama, with a strong plat, and a colorful cast of characters

Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo(This is a great slice of life, comedy, but you might as well pretend It's not tagged with the Romance tag, because there's no romance to speak of. Despite JC running away from the romance aspect yet again, It's still a very, very good anime)

Tsubasa Chronicle(This is a great series, but sadly the franchise in general was dropped literally right before the ending could be made for no reason whatso ever. However even still, the anime is still very, very good)
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Posted 4/10/15 , edited 4/10/15
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Posted 4/10/15
I had my breath taken away from a few episodes of Space Brothers/Uchuu Kyoukai. It also happened when I saw Death Parade. The Fate series has breath taking visuals, so there's that.
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Posted 1/21/17
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