new lag / stutter after re upping subscription
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Posted 4/8/15 , edited 4/8/15
I re upped my subscription after a few months of waiting for some filler to end last night. However now the player has lag that it did not have before when i tried to use it last. Is this some new development that others are experiencing, or a personal issue that i must resolve? I have tried standard approaches such as restarting my network and what not, speed tests show that my isp is still giving the same download speeds (which are more than sufficient), and no other video streaming service has the same issue, only this one. I have not bothered to clear my cache yet though i don't see why that should help. Thanks in advance.
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Posted 4/8/15
Sometimes it can help to try out using a different DNS to alleviate that sort of problem. For example, I had less stuttering when I made the switch from my default Comcast DNS to OpenDNS.

The Crunchyroll web player also just...kind of sucks all around. You can put a bandaid on the issue, but dependent on where you live it can still cause all kinds of problems during peak streaming hours. I quit watching Crunchyroll on my PC a long time ago and just stick to things like the Roku app. As well as Android, ios, and Xbox 360. All of which tend to utitlize a different content delivery network than PC users and thus tend to not run into those same sorts of problems.
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Posted 1/26/17
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