Did the Internet Just Declare Hestia Best Girl Of The Anime Season?
Posted 4/9/15 , edited 4/9/15
I really don't understand what's going on. I don't understand the internet or anime anymore. I was just minding my business listening to my shit music and then bam. Hestia everywhere. Like out of nowhere.
On Tumblr

On Twitter

On Pixiv it's exploding right now

Figures too? WTF that was fast...

Line is now a Hestia shrine.

And the cosplay has started

Does this anime really only have ONE EPISODE?!

Well, she is a goddess +1
a loli +1
she a have ze bewbies +2
Tight clothing +1
Open-chest cloyhing +1
and DereDere attitude +1
And the twin tails. You do not forget the twin tails! +2
She might just be the moe personification of Anime Justice already.

Is she best girl of the season ? http://media.goboiano.com/list/2673-did-the-internet-just-declare-hestia-best-girl-of-the-anime-season%253F

From a 1-10 Scale how good is this series so far ?
Posted 4/9/15
Okay, now I'm horny. Take me, now.
Posted 4/9/15

PeripheralVisionary wrote:

Okay, now I'm horny. Take me, now.

That was fast even for you.
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Posted 4/9/15
Closing this one for the following reasons:

- The OP far exceeds the amount of images we allow per post.
- We have a best girl thread going, please continue the discussion there.

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