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Posted 4/9/15 , edited 4/9/15
I had to change my style color since, before I use light grey and I don't think anyone can read it with light grey.
Anyways, I am not sure where I should have ask this on, since it only happens on mostly anime/dramas, it doesn't matter where I watch it, so probably it could be my flash player.
Okay, this started about half a year ago, and it began when I started watching anime again on Crunchyroll. I use to be able to load (open more tabs of each episode) up to at least 5. And once I'm done with one episode, I go to the next tab (next episode) and play, sounds are perfectly fine. But nowadays, when I load/buffer more than 2 tabs, the sounds go off; the anime continues, but there's not sound. I've checked to see if sounds worked on other video sites like Youtube or other anime sites to watch videos, and they work fine. The sounds occasionally stop even in the middle for odd reasons, like it plays the sound perfectly for like couple of minutes, then it turns off on its own. If I refresh it, it works fine; meaning the whole episode had the sounds on. Other times, when I try playing episodes and attempt to skip the opening (sometimes the opening can cause my sounds to go off for some odd reasons, again) the entire episode pauses and stops working for like 10 minutes then it starts playing again, and usually I just refresh it.

So, can anyone help me solve my problems?
Problem: Sounds goes off on its own when watching an episode

I could record something like this, but I am unsure of when it'll do it. Because it doesn't happen all the time on every anime, just only when I open more than 1 or 2 tabs.
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