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Posted 4/13/15

Bri0518 wrote:
I'm not defending the spoiler in the sub-title of the thread or anything, but I do take issue with you condemning everyone that reads the scanlations, (of which I am one). Just because I read the scanlations doesn't mean that I don't support the industry. I regularly buy licensed manga, light novels and I give CR my money to get my anime fix. I started reading scanlations way before there were legal avenues to the material in question or at least not nearly as many avenues. And I still read today because they are faster than the alternative. But there are plenty of people just like me who read them but also contribute monetarily to the industry.

That doesn't justify it. Yes I do condemn them. Why? Simple, because just by going to those sites, you're giving those people money. They get profit from ad revenue, and some of those groups have the audacity to ask for donations. If they're working on series that are not licensed, then that might be passable. However, when you publish something that's available legally and simultaneously with Japan, then that's completely crossing the line.

Those groups somehow get the magazines before the release date, whether some stores sell them early, or those groups have people stealing magazines from delivery trucks. Going digital exclusively would stop leaks, but we all know that will never happen. All I can hope for is the current Manga Anime Guardians initiative actually works, and the Japanese government would be willing to file international lawsuits. I don't see that happening, but I can only wish.

xLuffy- wrote:
boo freaking hoo go cry a river no one cares

I'm going to go out on a limb here, and say you might be part of a category of people that I feel sorry for. I take it you haven't created anything, or contributed to something that is worthy of recognition. If you did, you wouldn't want your work taken by somebody else and they would profit off of it. Then again, it's part of human nature to not care about what others are facing, unless it happens to you.

Nonetheless, that moment of rant didn't last that long for me. I appreciate the OP's apology, so moving on with my busy life.
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Posted 1/3/17
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