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Posted 4/9/15 , edited 4/9/15
2-4 was really a hard map..your ship is enough for this I believe, however you should definitely do some modernization. As for equipment. Kongou class: 2 main guns(Use 35.6cm guns for Kongou and Fuso class) , 1 Observation Seaplane and a radar. Fuso class: 2 main guns and two Zuiun. Carriers please put fighters in the biggest slot(Third one for Akagi, second one for Souryuu) to gain air superiority (To let battleships able to launch 2-wave attacks in daytime) .And put a Saiun the smallest slot (The fourth one) if you have one to avoid Crossing the T (Disadvantage). That should done it easily. Good luck.(It has been 2 months and I believe you have made great progress XD)
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