Need Help Finding Old School Naruto PC Game!
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Posted 4/9/15
I remember back around 2006-2007, me and my friends would play this 8-bit Naruto mmorpg.
It was really awesome, you had to learn the different jutsu, and train your character. You could work your way up the hierarchy of the village. I remember being so jealous of my friend because he became the Raikage for the Cloud village.
Anyway, I remember having to download a program to play it, but I cannot remember the name of it.
(I also downloaded a Bleach game as well.)

All I can remember is the icon for the program had a blue circle/sphere. I'm sure if I could find the program, then I could easily find the game.

Any help would be appreciated!

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Posted 4/9/15
This may not be of to much help, but here's what i know about mmorpgs from that time.. many mmos were bundled together only needing a subscription to the one company allowing the users to play many similar games (mmos) So if my gut feeling is right then you should be able to find the game your looking for by searching for the web for a Game engine company (an example would be Trion i guess) which imported mmos from japan to bring to the north american audience in 2006-2007. By searching through the companies you should find the right one because you remember the logo.

-hopefully that helps, I wish you luck!
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Posted 4/10/15
Hi there,

Since this one has been replied to I've moved this one to the appropriate sub and closed the other.
Please refrain from making dupicate topics in the future.
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Posted 5/27/15
Its Called Byond was the Game Way of The Shinobi. I Use to play that one!
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Posted 1/15/17
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