vote for your favourite NARUTO charactor!(:
Posted 7/2/07
naruto ROCKS !
im a big fan of naruto! anyone who love naruto add me as buddy!! (:
i love kakashi and gaara the BEST(:
Vote for ur favorite NARUTO characters!
Posted 7/2/07
No more Naruto topics.
Everything relating to Naruto goes here.
Naruto Shippuuden
Posted 7/2/07
hmm, i just want people to vote for their favourite naruto charactors only..
not discussion..
i love naruto sooo much...!
have a nice day anyway(:
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Posted 7/2/07
i think this thread will get locked soon xD ....

i love sasuke
Posted 7/2/07
^^ I understand but a favourite naruto character thread exists already

Favorite Naruto Character

Please check the anime thread index before posting. ^^

*EDIT to below:
You can't delete a thread. Only a mod just have to wait until this thread is locked by a mod ^^
Posted 7/2/07
ok, im sorry, i didnt read the index):
anyone's willin to help me to delete this?
im new to crunchroll,
i dunno how to delete this topic):
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Posted 7/2/07
^ The mods will delete it for you. No worries. Check the indices next time, 'kay?
Posted 7/2/07
ya, okie(:
thanks euuuuuu
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Posted 7/2/07
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