LF Script Writer for a small otome visual novel game and/or Artist for characters
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Posted 4/11/15 , edited 4/12/15
Greetings CR lurkers ;)

Beginner Game Dev here- and I'm looking for some help to finish a game. I'm already working on another project in Unity3D with a different team. But I've also been trying my hand at visual novels, which I so thoroughly enjoy <3 I already have the plot/lore nailed down and the mechanics I want to use with the game (alternate routes, skill/stat checks, different boy butts to touch ;D), but I do need help with other aspects if I want this to turn into a finished product- as I'm the only one working on it right now.

The scope of the project would only be about 6-9 months. 6-7 months in production, and 1 or 2 to round-off and publish. The team size for it should only have 3 people max, any more would be unnecessary for a small project like this. I come to this section of the CR forums because I feel mildly confident that someone will take interest :3 Below I'll outline the 2 roles I'm looking to fill:

I can provide the vision/setting/general story for the game I want to make. I won't put too many details in this post, but it takes place in an alternate history of WWII, you play as a teenage girl, there are boys the date, bad endings are common with people out to kill you. Heavily inspired by Long Live the Queen, Hatoful Boyfriend, and some other similar games- if you're looking for games similar in theme-ing/game play.

I need a writer primarily for the female protagonist. I'm a decent writer on my own, but I'm not confident in my ability to really capture the spirit of an otome game. I've also never written for a game before- and would appreciate someone else taking the role for me. I don't mind (and would certainly appreciate) if someone would do all the writing for the game, so I could focus on the programming.
There are no strict requirements for this role. I just want to work with someone that enjoys writing, or a passion for story-telling. If you have a love for video games and dating sims- that's a huge plus ;3 If you have a portfolio of previous hobby work, than that's even more points for you ;D

Character Artist:
I'm not much of an artist at all. Combine that with never having made digital art- this part would take the longest for me to teach myself. Indie game devs can often times get away without an artist because they can use 'minimal graphics', think Minecraft, Tetris, Pong, other pixel art games.
The thing with visual novels is that the writing and the art makes the game. It is the content.
Despite the game mechanics I'm including and the plot I want to have, it wouldn't matter at all without the good script or pretty stuff to look at.
This role is hard to fill because even amateur art that doesn't strike the right look or has the right quality can end up doing more harm than good to the game, not allowing the player to fill in the blanks with their imagination.
That said, if an artist reads this or someone you know if looking for something to work on and make some money, I'd love to work with an artist early on in the development.
At the very least, they would be responsible for character stills and expressions. UI and backgrounds are a plus, but not necessary No strict experience is required here either, but a portfolio or samples would be very nice~

To contact me, you can do a variety of things, but only need to do one:
- Respond to this post with a comment below ;D
- Skype me at 'ca.bryant'
- Email me at '[email protected]'
- Private message me here on CrunchyRoll
- or whatever lol

Thanks for reading~

- Naustix
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Posted 4/14/15 , edited 4/14/15
I'd be willing to write the bad ends for you; I'm lufan131 on wattpad, with some hobby work up. I like writing those types of things.
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Posted 4/15/15 , edited 4/19/15
This sounds like a fascinating project and I would love to help out with the writing. However, I couldn't commit 6 to 9 months. As you are looking for 3 members maximum I expect there are a lot better candidates out there.

Good luck with the project.
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