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Posted 2/4/08 , edited 2/21/08
This anime tells the story of the girls of the social welfare agency, an agency that takes young girls that are severely injured and on the brink of death and gives them a second chance at life. The agency gives them cybernetic implants and through training and brainwashing (conditioning), turn them into the governments assasins. Although they are the governments cyborg assassins they are still adolecent children.The story mainly follows Henrietta and her handler (man who is in charge of her).

This anime was true genius for me. The tone that is set up by the background music, great opening theme, plot, and also the animation style is rather depressing. It keeps this depressing and dark feeling basically throughout. Its really amazing the way the story makes you become sympathetic towards the girls and really want the girls to succeed even if it is at killing people. The ending, although it isn't a true ending cause there is a second season, was chilling the deressing tone gets pretty heavy but then there is a ray of hope and happiness that is just amazing due to the fact that at the same time that the hope comes in theres still the depressing tone at the same time.
The second season so far has kinda disappointed me cause it seems like they tried to change the tone to more of an action anime,and the animation style has changed a littile.

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Posted 2/4/08
I think the theme for this anime is the morality of kids holding guns and killing people.I remember a disturbing scene where Henrietta calmly told her doctor that she killed 10 people that day,and she is talking as though it is a normal thing to do.I am not sure the stability of the mental health of these girls,but i am sure it somehow damage their mind.I dont think they take human lives seriously either.

The anime also explore the relationship between each girls and their guardian along with their past.Season 1 is wonderful,the music is great and the animation is good too.MADHOUSE did a pretty good job.But season 2,which is done by a different studio somewaht disappoints me so far.They have entered the pinachio arc.Season 1 covers 2 volume.
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Posted 2/4/08
I loved Gunslinger Girl.

Shows a grittier side of killing and child soldiers, though it lightens it with the mini-commune the girls have with Triela being like the mother figure. Then it made it dark again with the Elsa affair.

The girls' stories moved me (except for Triela's because they never showed it), like with Rico and being bedridden all her pre-adolescent life. Section 2 gave her a new life and she seems happy, even to kill, to keep it, its so tragic. Or Claes, who's handler died, so they decided to just keep her as a guinea pig for new parts (except for the mountain mission).

The mixture of the killing business and the happy little undertones was done well, like with Triela's situation with Hillshire and those bears while chasing a guy who gave her the same thing. And it delivers the killing in a straightforward manner that makes it seem cold and innocent at the same time, like when Henrietta told Dr. Bianci she killed like it was a good thing.

The music complements each situation, and brings it off in a slow easy pace. A mixture of tragedy and comedy, where I just weep.

With ~Il Teatrino~, I'm not so sure. The thing became somewhat upbeat for the tone's supposed to take, they seem to have exaggerated a bit on Henrietta's situation and the art style was somewhat sloppier and brighter. Not to mention the handlers sound younger and the girls sound older with the new seiyus...
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Posted 2/29/08
It is cute... EXTREMELY DEADLY!!! I cried a lot of times... I have a lot of times feeling a sudden chill... 7 out of 10...
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