Anime Character battle
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Posted 4/12/15 , edited 4/12/15
1.Think of 2 characters you think would create an epic battle (they can be from different series or the same)
2.State the names of said characters and which series they are from (Images are optional)
3. Say who you think would win
4.(optional) Argue/Calmly debate about said epic battle/ total obliteration of one character.



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Posted 4/12/15 , edited 4/12/15

DaRuBu wrote:

They can be characters from the same series or a different one


(I don't know if this game already exists)

You need to give clear instructions for how people play this game. See some of the other Forum Games for examples of how people describe how to play, and then give actual examples that indicate what Person A does in their post, and how Person B would respond in their post, etc. I don't really understand what your intent is, but here's one possible way I can think of playing it.

"Name two characters. The next person votes for one then names another character to battle the one they chose and so on.

Person A: Shiro from Log Horizon v. Sora from No Game no Life
Person B: Sora wins! Sora v. Haruhi Suzumiya

I've closed the thread but I haven't locked it yet. This means you can still make edits to your opening post to clarify how the game gets played and provide an explicit example. Once you do that, PM me and I can reopen it. Otherwise I'll just lock it a little later.

ETA: Locked since it's starting to look like this is more of an idea for an Anime discussion topic than a good structure for Forum Games.
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