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Posted 4/12/15 , edited 4/12/15
I just have a question about how this works and why this seems to be the case. I found it interesting and wondering if they will change this in the future. Basically when you see a new ep of a series on your pc you can generally watch it right away, that however is not the case on my Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0, however I can watch it on my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 which has a smaller screen then my Note 8.0 but has a 1080p screen. The 8.0 however has less then that. I was wondering because my 8.0 has a odd aspect ratio with a resolution of 1280x800 is that the reason why they are delayed for release on that device?
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Posted 4/13/15

(Please note that I don't work for CR, I'm just a forum mod.. but a mod whose day job is a programmer in large data and automated tool creation)

My best guess is that CR gets the raw streams for the shows, then has to process them for each device/resolution, which will involve resizing the frames, different compression schemes, etc. That takes time for each, and then more time to get the resulting files transferred to the servers, plus extra time in case something goes wrong (corrupted output, out of disk space, or whatever).

Again, this is just a guess, but if I was the one in charge of the system, I'd monitor usage stats across all devices and resolutions, then put the streams in priority order based on that. So if not a lot of people are using the 8.0, it may be low on the list, so if something goes wrong with, say, the 1080p web stream, the 8.0 might get bumped downwards compared with other streams.

The odd resolution probably isn't an issue, since this is all probably handled in automated processing tools that just take the input stream, output size and format, and produce the result asap.
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Posted 4/13/15
I am having the same issue as well ( on my nexus 5 phone.) I understand it takes time to do these things, but the next episode comes out in 2 days. Meaning the episode that I'm trying to watch has been out for 5 days....are they a week behind for phones/android??? Or is it just some sort of tech issue for 5.1?
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Posted 4/14/15
Which episodes are affected in particular?
Did you try logging out and back in yet?
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Posted 4/14/15 , edited 4/14/15
We seem to have an issue. I'm unable to play videos that have been out for three days on my android phone (Moto X w/ latest CR app). I'll test it again later today at home with my Nexus Player (running previous version of CR app, 1.1.2. Fails on lollipop)

So there is a problem
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Posted 4/27/15 , edited 4/27/15
It's been this way forever, which is quite disappointing since i prefer to use a chromecast to watch most of my anime now. (Which injects adds into paid members streams when you use the CR app)

I've complained a number of times to customer service and get canned responses back every time. I'm sick of having to go across my house to my desktop to play stuff on my tv in another room.

I may just stop paying for CR if they can't figure out how to deliver on ad-free day of streaming in HD to mobile devices. It's 2015 and most other paid content providers have figured this out.
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