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Posted 4/12/15 , edited 4/12/15
I asked this in general but I figured this is the more appropriate place to ask this.

Is it against CR's policy for two people to use the same account within the same household? To clarify I mean would it be fine if I watch a different anime on my laptop while my girlfriend watches another on the console using the same account.
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Posted 4/12/15
For some strange reason the terms of service looks to be unchanged since Crunchyroll's fansubbing days, since there is still language there pertaining to that. Yet I'm not seeing anything on account sharing, which is far more relevant now, considering how much the apps have taken off. Soooo, kind of weird. They should think about updating that

I have seen the powers that be answer this question before, and if I recall; yes is their general policy to not allow multiple streams from one account. But I believe it's ok within a household (which really is pretty much the standard in the world of streaming rules). So I would assume that what you're doing is probably fine since you're on the same IP and all. But I'm not affiliated with CR in any way and could be mistaken. So take things I say with a grain of salt.
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