crunchyroll really needs more adult anime
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Posted 4/13/15
i get that shows like naruto, bleach, one piece, sao and fairy tail and the small budget shows that are heavily influenced by their success are liked by people for a reason. for me they suck.
-extreme plot armour
-the females are basically just reduced to fap material with your standard one or some times two female that can actually hold her own but still needs the men to do the heavy lifting when it counts(more of a cultural thing but whatever.) if rangiku had a bikini contest in a cave you could just replace her with lucy. they're shallow fap material
-friendship is magic power boost. enemies that were and are stronger suddenly get their asses kicked because the heroes realized the power of their friendship and get strong enough to just completely over take the enemy.

there's several more points but i'm not trying to hate on them. they have their place and they have their fans. why don't they try to acquire more adult anime shows though? shows like berserk? also quick annoyance, unless i'm some how have missing it why don't they have ova's on here? bit weird. anyways friendly for everybody shows are fine and people adores them but they should have a chance to see shows with deeper plots that don't hold back in a convenient place and a place they can show support for these types of shows.

agree? disagree? i think crunchyroll actually some what listens about what people on the site what as long as it isn't about the player needing to be better lol
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Posted 4/13/15




first real fourm post so here's some codes :]
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Hi there,

I'm sorry to close this one but we have topics for both iterms.

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Apart from that, Crunchyroll is always open to suggestions from their premium members.

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