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17 / Over Here !!
Posted 4/14/15
Introduce yourself here!

Feel free to include:
- 3DS Code
- Likes/Dislikes
- Personality
- Birthdate
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20 / O / US
Posted 4/18/15
Welp, guess I'll introduce myself.

Hi, I'm Ry! Here's my 3DS friend code: 3969-5495-5464.

I like video games in general, but Nintendo holds a special place in my heart. I sold my soul to it.

I spend a lot of time on the internet. But I also like various artistic things. More specifically, drawing, writing, and painting. I kinda like graphic design too, but have yet to get that much into it. I'm also a bassist. I love bass guitars; the way the sound, various models, etc. I also like music. A lot. My favorite thing to do is go to concerts.

The only specific things I can think of that I dislike are intolerance/prejudice, and pickles. And ironically, I do not have a tolerance for pickles. But I'm not talkin' about that kinda intolerance.

I don't know how I would describe myself. I'd like to think I'm humorous. Quirky? Maybe awkward. I dunno. Guess you'd just hafta get to know me.

Nice to meet you guys!

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19 / F / Texas, USA
Posted 5/1/15
Hi guys, my name is Zoe and I'm so glad someone finally made a group for people who love 3DS games! I'm a huge fan of the DS and Wii (though I haven't played the Wii in awhile) but my addiction began with the GameCube. My favorite game right now is Animal Crossing (all versions) but I play lots of others in the summer when I have time -___-

Feel free to register me! My code is 2852-8028-3731

Message me if you do so I can register you back!

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17 / M / Nogales, Sonora,...
Posted 6/22/15
Hi, I wand more friends on my N3DS, if you are like me, copy the next friend code and give me your code

Posdata: Soy de Mexico .
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