Account Missing - Chalsoa
Posted 4/15/15
I've sent in an online help request with regards to this, but havn't heard word one back about it. My premium account has vanished, as it appears have the accounts of several other people I've seen in this forum. When I try and login it says my old username and password are no longer valid and when I attempt to reset my password it says the e-mail account used is not in the system.
My old user account was Chalsoa (I created this one in order to be able to post to the forums) and was about a week into my latest premium payment when this all happened, meaning I've been about a week without the service that I've already paid for at this point.

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Posted 4/15/15
I reverted the email change and changed the password.
Please go through the password reset procedure and put a long, unique and complex new password. Furthermore change your password in a similar fashion on any other website/service you used the same email/password combination on. Your login details were likely stolen from another website that was compromised. To make sure that is not a local issue, run a virus scan on all of your devices.
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Posted 4/15/15
Thank you, the issue is now resolved.
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