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Posted 4/16/15
Me and my buddy live around 3 hours away from each other. When we get the chance, me and him will visit. Our typical pass-time is watching anime- go figure. As you can imagine, it is nearly impossible to complete a series in one session. Therefore, we resort to using assorted -unnamed- VOIP services and utilizing the space launch method of watching which includes an official, epic count-down to press play. While this works just fine, most of the time, we would like something simpler like a synchronizer on CR, since his internet doesn't always keep up with mine. I have looked all over the inner-webs for something like that, but I have turned up nothing other than synchronizers that work with standard video streaming services like YouTube and Vimeo or just flat broadcasting from my machine (which is too much of a pain). Is there any way (sometime in the future) that there can be a website-built in synchronizer that will allow premium members to synchronize with another person?

I am a firm supporter of crunchyroll and I am thankful for their ability to supply legal streaming of anime. I think that adding a synchronizer would help bring other customers into this site.

Thanks CR!
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Posted 4/16/15
That's a cool idea.

Recently I've mostly watched anime with another person, and the most "effective" ways to synchronize streaming are, as the OP said, a pain.

If it worked properly it'd be an amazing feature.
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Posted 1/21/17
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