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Posted 4/16/15 , edited 4/16/15
One of the things I hope for the most to change in CR is updating the manga reader to have more options. I would love to be able to keep the same zoom level through the whole chapter or have the chapters be in a scrollable state so it wouldnt flip to the next page but you'd scroll down and see the next page (have it load like 3 pages in advance). Kind of hard to explain but something like viewing forum posts. When you scroll down it doesn't instantly lock into the next post and you cant see the other posts unless you scroll up/down right?


Here's an example of how I'd like it to be:

It's simple to navigate (I just have to scroll down) and shows the full quality of the page without it fitting the whole thing to the window.

And here's why I don't like the current CR manga reader:

Here I would have to select the Show One Page option every chapter, zoom in on every page (and it zooms in the middle instead of towards the top), and then scroll to the next page and repeat. Very tedious.

So yeah, I'd love more customization options and updates to make reading manga on CR more convenient and less tedious.
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