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Posted 4/19/15 , edited 4/20/15
I feel you OP. The wait is extremely excruciating, but I also remember this.
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Siawo wrote:

Akemui wrote:

Siawo wrote:

how do people dare to mention HOTD in a thread with Berserk, you guys should be ashamed

Probably because it was relevant to the title? like holy shit calm down, in your opinion berserk is a good manga. All that person wanted to know is the same exact thing the creator of this post does just about a different series.

btw Berserk is one of the worst manga's i have ever read, (my opinion) and yes i posted this just to annoy you, because that post was ridiculously stupid, how dare you even compare a shitty adult action manga to a series not even remotely close to it, and expect not to get flamed.

1. I was joking, but the fact of HOTD not even worth comparing to Berserk still stands

2. If you think Berserk is a bad manga I got nothing to talk to you

because they aren't even apart of the same genre? really the fact is your still an arrogant prick your'e trying to argue that HOTD isn't worth comparing to a series not even closely related to it. that's like comparing a CRF150 to a CR500 if you don't know what that is it's fine, point is there aren't even similar 1 is a four stroke with like 25 horsepower the other is a 2 stroke with like 50 horsepower not even remotely the same. It's like comparing kancolle to clanned based on the fact that they are both moe.

It's your opinion that you like berserk and in your opinion is better than HOTD but they way you act is if they are similar, to each other therefore berserk is better when that's a load of bullshit. Don't cut down what other people like just because you yourself don't like it. And before you jump the gun, i only talked shit about Berserk to piss you off, because what you said was just too unnecessary.

I don't like Berserk but i don't have any beef with it, actually at this point it seems like it's the fanboys who i have a problem with. And if this was a really just a joke (which i think is a load of bull) than this is the internet all you need to do is say lol or hahah or something along those lines it's kinda hard to tell if your serious about it or not when the dialogue is like that. If it was actually a joke than i'm sorry for getting so serious about it.
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Posted 1/3/17 , edited 1/4/17
Forum Clean up. Old 2015 threads Locked.
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