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Posted 4/18/15
hey everyone,
i took a long break from anime and have just got back in to it, so i was looking for some recommendations ive enjoyed Ghost in the Shell, Akira, attack on titan, Psycho pass, Fate/Stay Night:UBW (im still enjoying this one) ive even enjoyed nisekoi (way more than i should have lol)

so yeah whats the next must watch thing based on those? preferably watchable on CRoll as ive just paid for a 12month sub lol!

thanks in advance for any suggestions
Posted 4/18/15
Hunter x Hunter
World Trigger
Is it wrong to pick up girls in a dungeon?
Brynhildr in the darkness
My Little Monster
aldnoah zero
Jojo's bizarre adventures
Ixion Saga DT
Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE!!
Cuticle Detective Inaba
Akame ga Kill
Kill La Kill
My Love Story

These can all be found on CR.
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Posted 4/18/15 , edited 4/18/15
Death note, seraph of the end, fate zero, parayste, assassination classroom, d gray man, cowboy bebop, steins gate, claymore, berserk, toyko ghoul.
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Posted 4/18/15
Akame Ga Kill
Aldnoah Zero
Sword Art Online
^^ These are all on crunchyroll and are kinda similar cool action and/or serious darker stuff. Some of my personal favorite harem/romcom/drama stuff on crunchyroll would be Toradora, kokoro connect, The world god only knows, and The fruit of grisaia, which is a darker harem type anime and it's awesome.
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Posted 4/18/15
Thanks a lot that should keep me busy for a fair while!!
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Posted 4/19/15
There is another season of Nisekoi airing right now if you didn't know that already.
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Posted 4/24/15 , edited 4/24/15
Not sure if you mean general recommendations or recent shows so heres both.
(these are in order top being my highest recommended)

Recent Shows:

1. Kill la Kill - don't be turned off by the fanservice / silliness it actually has a good story
2. My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU - I prefer it over Nisekoi similar genre
3. Sword Art Online 2

My all time Favorites:

Welcome to the N.H.K (psychological, romance, comedy)
Death Note (psychological, mystery, crime)
Code Geass (psychological, action, war, political, philosophy)
Steins; Gate (psychological, romance, sifi, time travel)
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