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Posted 4/20/15
Hi everybody, I'm an aspiring writer and I would like to start releasing a series of doujins. Unfortunately, I am not so great at drawing so I would love it if I could collaborate with somebody (preferably more than one) who has experience with the manga drawing style.

Must be competent manga-style artist. (You can link me Deviantart accounts, PM me, all kind of stuff. I'm not picky.
Must be willing to take some suggestions.
Knowledge of Japanese is not required but is helpful.
Applications for typesetter must have decent handwriting or computer editing skills.
Most importantly, you must love anime and manga!

Sorry if these requirements seem too harsh. I'm kind of a perfectionist but I understand most on CR are amateurs so I won't hold you too rigorously to these standards.

Artist, storyboard: open
Background artist: open
Inker: open, I can do this if need be
Sound effects/lettering: open, again I can do this if need be
Shading: open, once again I can do this if need be

Applicants don't have to be CR members, if you know someone who fits my descriptions and would like to draw, I would be happy to check them out!

Looking forward to working with you!
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Posted 1/5/17
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