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Posted 4/21/15
Just wondering if there is plans for an update on the Xbox One app, I mean the "My Que" feature isn't that great either. Yes its a shortcut to your shows marked, but even then if you want to watch certain episodes you have to fastward to the end to have an option pop up for "Other Episodes."
Also I sometimes I cut out on some episodes halfway through due to work/plans, but when I go to re-watch series and It just kinda annoys me that on my phone or my tablet an option will pop up saying "Do you wish to restart it from the Beginning" while on the Xbox you have to rewind or fast-forward to the end to have it play from beginning.
Another thing is that even if you leave the episode when the credits start, and you go back to watch again it will continue to finish the credits rather then on other devices where at a certain point (I.e when the credits start) it will restart the episode from the beginning.
(I do share my account with my brother so he does often leave shows half watched all the time too)
This is just a small thing that bugs me other then that I love everything else, I love being able to sit back and watch shows through my Xbox One. Rather then having to do so on my devices or computer.
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