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Posted 4/21/15 , edited 4/21/15
Since the first time I encountered Crunchyroll's website, I've wanted to search by the criteria of Genre + Season.

For example, all Comedies from Winter 2015.

However, I seem to be unable to do that. Selecting Genre, simply returns an alphabetical list. Selecting Season returns also an alphabetical list regardless of genre. There doesn't appear to be a way to combine these criteria into a single query.

There's a lot more criteria available to filter on that seems to be going primarily ignored that's visible on series and episode pages:

* Genre
* Season
* Publisher
* Studio
* Subtitle Language
* Audio Language
* Tags (On episodes, and series)
* Availability date (Free/Premium)
* Rating
* Simulcast status
* Cast and Crew

Some of these things are available in limited capabilities, some I added. A complete centralized location for these things with check boxes, and edit fields would be nice. It seems like a waste to have all of these things tracked on the website and obviously in a database, but no way to easily find items matching multiple specific criteria.
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