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Ghouls Allowed
In Hogwarts?


Albus Dumbledore decided to allow ghouls a human eater to go to school. He already announced yesterday that there is going to be a new student from Japan coming towards Hogwarts. Her name is Akane Yamato she is 16 year old full-ghoul her kagune is called "Kakuja" she is being called as Black Knight. Akane got accepted to a magical school called Hogwarts and she been invited by the headmaster of the school. She is fierce and her personality is highly cold. In her time, the CCG were attacking her so she decided to kill every member from CCG investagtors. The news were all over London it travels fast. Akane didn't care at all. // All the Harry Potter Characters at least 18 years old and in 8th year except for Ginny she is in 7th year.


Akane Yamato
Hogwarts Express
Great Hall (short chapter)
Sorting Ceremony
Head House Common Room

Main Characters

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Full Name: Akane Yamato
Titles: Black Knight (earn.age 10)
Age: 18 years old
House/Year: Slytherin / 8th year
Position: Head Girl of Slytherin
Race: Ghoul
Ethnicity:: Japanese
Lang. Speak: English
Kagune: Kakuja - Spider
Loyalty: Aogiri Tree - S rank
Family: Dead
Location: London

Kills: 5,692,484
Next Victim: v
-The Dursley's
-The Weasley's
-The Parkinson's

Friends: Blaise, Draco, Daphne, Astoria, Theodore, Tracey, Millicent, Alice (One-Eyed Ghoul), Hermione

Enemies: Gryffindors, Weasleys, Potter, Mudbloods, Blood Traitors, Pansy
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Akane only brought school supplies and school uniforms. She brought a cat and also an owl. She got inside the train and look around for something to sit. She found a compartment but she got herself bummed into a girl with frizzy hair girl. "I'm sorry. Are you new here? I am Hermione Granger head girl of Gryffindor. Professor McGonagall told me that your Slytherin Head girl along with the head boy. What's your name?" Hermione said kindly. Akane just narrow her eyes with slit narrows which made her flinched. "Akane." She said calmly but very irriated tone.

"Granger who's your friend." A huskily tone said. "Shove it Malfoy." Hermione sneered. Akane took a side-step. "Akane this is Malfoy." She turn dull at the boy who look speechless.

Draco POV
Stupid mudblood. "Akane this is Malfoy" the girl turned to face me. She is beautiful but something is up. And I'm going to find out. "Like what Granger said. I'm Draco Malfoy. Head boy of Slytherin. I heard you are the head girl as well." The girl nodded. I notice those red veins coming out but it disappear just 2 seconds.

"DRAKIE-POO!" I groaned. Oh great. "Who's that mudblood next to you?" Pansy sneer. I notice the new girl slit narrow eyes at her. I find it scary sometimes.


This human screech alot she will be in my dead list. Akane thought annoyingly. "Drakie-poo! Who's that mudblood next to you?" Pug-faced hissed at her. Ho~ How dare she called me a mudblood! She thought. My eyes has been activated kakugan. "Who are you calling a mudblood, human?" Akane spat venomly at the edge of her tone. She crack her finger and her kakuja came out widely. Pug-faced gasped horrorifed. "A Ghoul~ I never seen one before." Hermione said happily. The head boy was shocked and bit frightening.

"You pissed me off bitch. That's your fault." Akane spat darkly and grabbed Draco's hand and dragged him. "Hey the compartment is this way." Draco said. "What oh.. My bad." Draco sighed and dragged her back to the compartment. "Is that bitch gone?" She asked inside. "Yeah." Hermione said. Akane secretly told Hermione to play along when she gives her death treats and calling her mudblood. Hermione didn't mind if Akane calls her that. Draco gave the new girl some advice to be friends with Gryffindors.
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