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Titans v Modern Military
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Posted 4/24/15 , edited 4/24/15

DeadlyOats wrote:

I haven't read the manga, but I saw the anime. If memory serves me, I think the remnants of the Human race are the leftovers of a technologically sophisticated society. Somehow, the Humans got stomped to near extinction by the Titans. So, that means that the the Humans used tanks, napalm, laser guided missiles, etc, etc, etc, and still lost.

I think it goes to what was covered in the anime (and presumably the manga), and that is that the Titans could regenerate their broken bodies, very, very quickly, and get back into the fight. This goes back to logistics.

Eventually, equipment will become degraded, and spare parts will become scarce. Eventually, fatigue will set in, and gross errors leading to tragic defeats will take place. Eventually, some crazy minded imbicile (Kim Jong Un - and others like him), will think this is a great chance to invade their neighbors.

As the poorer, less militarily capable countries fall to the Titans, the nations with the more modern high-tech militaries will feel the increased presure. Remember, they had artillery, and the artillery had the effect of momentarily breaking the bodies of the Titans, but the Titan's regenerated very quickly and resumed their attacks.

Thus, I would not be so quick to give a modern military any kind of an edge.

EDIT: It is entirely possible that nukes were used as a last resort, but the result was that the Human race also faced radiation poisoning that probably hurt them as well. Nukes are a double edged battle axe that can cut the ax-er as well as the ax-ee.

At first I had thought, "Well, duh... nukes"

Then I kinda thought that the world there was some sort of post apocalyptic world as well...

And then the following kinda occurred to me as well:

Vereisdaman wrote:

If we're talking about normal Titans, then definitely. I don't think it would be as easy as pie, but we would defeat them in the end.
But what about shape-shifting Titans - like Eren, Annie, Reiner and young Bert? Not to mention that Ape-Titan.
They could do a lot of damage, and then disappear into the crowd without a trace.
True, we have more surveillance, but surveillance hasn't done much to stop the threat of terrorists so I'm not sure how well it'd serve against Human-Titan shape-shifters.
We also need to remember that though humans are vast in number, much greater than the population of Titans, every nation would not necessarily be united. In fact, every nation wouldn't be. I'll be damned if each country didn't want to have their own way of fighting and eventually they'd start killing everyone else who disagrees with them. Many countries have nuclear power, but if you drop a nuke on a few titans, you kill a million innocent humans along with it. Human Rights would have something to say about that... unless the USA wipes out the Human Rights Organisation first.

The Titans were created to be a weapon. (Human/Titan hybrids is one way to point to this, but an ape-titan just reeks of former testing on other animals)

Now, granted the tech may be prior to ours or after, (they have some high tech genetic or biological knowledge that we don't, but we can't even deal with modern terrorism, which is ideologically based, rather than on country or location, or even ethnicity. We think a bomb on a bus it horrific? A Titan changing from human to its other form would be absolutely devastating.

(Just a side point. we're handwaving a LOT of science about sudden increase of mass, meaning OMFG!!!! rapid metabolizing, problems of mass and where that mass comes from (even biological metabolism isn't creating mass from pure energy, so where was all that food-mass stored? Then there's issues of mobility as mass and volume do not scale by just making a human twice as big....)

Nuclear weapons won't be used, and really it's a question of numbers. How many titans would be created originally? I believe more than not as one group (a nation, an organization, or a terrorist group) discovers the methodology others will be quick to develop it or steal it once it proves effective. Since it's biological, I foresee somehow it going a bit awry, becoming inheritable, or something similar, mutating, SOMETHING.... and then, it's regular humans vs. Titans and we're doomed, purely because they have the ability to infiltrate the human race, and there is nothing immediately known that can differentiate them from us.

(granted, the whole them proliferating bit may be far fetched, but it's a bit of handwaving and providing one example of how their numbers could increase.... It's all about the numbers and how many of them there eventually is.)
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Posted 4/24/15
They wouldn't stand a chance
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Posted 4/24/15
I think were are all in agreement.
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