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Posted 4/24/15

A recommended show discussed on the podcast by Miranda (and available on crunchyroll) was Fate/Stay Night - Unlimited Blade Works.


This story focuses primarily on the heroine Rin Tohsaka. After her father’s death, Rin enters the Holy Grail War as the sole heir to the prestigious Tohsaka Household, with her servant Archer. But, she soon finds out that Shirou Emiya, a boy from her high school has gotten himself involved in the battles and unexpectedly saves him when he is fatally injured. Before long, Rin sets out to strike down the conspiracies surrounding the Holy Grail War along with Shirou and his summoned servant Saber. And so, the story begins to explore the truth behind Shirou’s powers and the nature behind his unyielding will to become a “hero."

There had been a previous adaptation of Fate/Stay Night in 2006 (which wasn't consistent, but had some good moments). This adaptation is from a different studio and technically a "sequel" series to Fate/Zero, which was also great and highly recommended for its story as well as action and magical elements.
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Posted 6/29/15
i dunno, i cant stand the design. i did like tsukihime for a time. then got bored of both story and stakes.
nice premisce tho.
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