The strange story of "Polybius".
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Posted 4/24/15
Perhaps one of the greatest video game urban legends of all time revolve around a fictional video game from the 1980's called "Polybius". Legend has it that it was a game that was tested in arcades in Portland, Oregon. The players were reported to experience disturbing behavior like experiencing vertigo, having seizures, or fighting over the game. Its even been said that some players became suicidal after playing. There was also the presence of men in black who would drag people away from the game, bringing in speculation that it was created by the US government.
Over the years, this make believe game has become a part of pop culture. Several Youtube documentaries have been made about the game. There's even been video interpretations of what the game was like. Episodes of "The Simpsons" and "The Goldburgs" have scenes set in a video arcade that feature a "Polybius" machine. There's also been a sequel of sort to this urban myth of someone claiming to have found a "Polybius" machine in a warehouse. When the person game back in hopes of buying the game for his collection of vintage arcade games, he finds out its been missing, possibly taken away by the FBI.
Now there is a fact that could have lead to the creation of this story. In 1981, fights broke in arcades over a game that was being tested. That video game was "Tempest", a game by Atari that was famous for featuring vector graphics that were considered cutting edge for its time. You may want to Google Tempest to see what the game looked and played like. Its often considered one of the greatest games of the 80's and also one of the most unique.
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Posted 1/15/17
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