Love Live! - Full Dub for Season One/Two in Standard Editions
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Posted 4/24/15

NIS America has confirmed a new English dub for both season one and season two, in a standard edition for season one! As for season two, it apparently hasn't been confirmed yet.
They'll also be reprinting the limited edition that sold out twice (even with the reprint) a THIRD TIME and will be releasing in July, so it's your time to get one if you haven't already.
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Posted 12/13/15
Looks like no one hasn't posted anything here, so i will correct it. I'm curious to see how well dubbing works on this series. It worked quite well in K-On!. It was done even in AKB0048, though haven't watched that in dubbed. Anyway, as for LL, i've heard they will release it in February 2016 (estimated). Till then...
Otter Modder
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Posted 26 days ago
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