if you died, where/who would you give your anime figurines to...?
Posted 4/25/15 , edited 4/25/15
this might seem like a weird question but i'm being serious. i thought about my death, and about my possessions.

well, money is easy to give to someone, like my family. books, mangas, anime dvds i can give those to the local libraries.

But where... do i give my anime figures to...???

do realise am too young to be thinking about death and wills, but i would like to be prepared, and looking for suggestions on a meaningful place i can give my figures to once i'm worm's food.
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Posted 4/25/15 , edited 4/27/15
My little sister since she watches anime too lol.

Either that or ill bury myself with em ;D I'm getting buried with my Asuka Langley poster thats for sure.
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Posted 4/30/15 , edited 4/30/15
I have a three year old daughter. So if I died today, I like the thought of leaving all my anime, manga and anime figures to her so that when shes a bit older she will have something to show her what Daddy was into
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Posted 4/30/15 , edited 4/30/15

But yeah, you don't have to be a collector to appreciate having them. I'm the only one out of my friends to ever collect Gundam/Mobile Suit models (I've been building them since I was little boy), but I'm sure they could appreciate and take care of them if left to them in my will. As others have said, if there's a family member that's getting into anime then that's nice too.
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Posted 5/1/15 , edited 5/1/15

My best friend

She doesn't have figurines, posters or manga like I do, absolutely none. In fact shes never owned or seen any of those things in person.

One day I hope to spoil her with every AOT related merchandise the world has to offer, but if I was to die now all figurines would go to that person :DDDDDDD
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Posted 5/2/15 , edited 5/2/15
I don't have any anime figures
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Posted 5/27/16 , edited 5/28/16
op nuked. Locked
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